I’m Julian Crosson-Hill, a certified spiritual life coach & human design specialist. It’s my soul’s mission to teach and guide others to live a spiritually aligned life that answers their unique calling. Maybe you stumbled upon this page or maybe you intended to come here. Whatever brought you here and wherever you are on your journey, I hope to provide tools to help you. Most people begin this journey towards answering their unique calling when they find that they are no longer satisfied with their current career or work. Some will answer it by starting a spirituality-based business. Whatever your soul is calling you to do, you probably need to get some clarity and there’s most in likely, at least one block in the way. Let’s spend 30 minutes getting you some clarity on your next steps. Book your clarity call today.

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I offer a free 45-minute call to help you get clarity on your direction, what your blocks are, and what your goals are around answering your unique calling. 

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Ep.24: 5 Transformational Lessons in Human Design

Human Design relates to much of what I do as a Spiritual Coach and teacher and I think it’s about time we dive into what human design actually is, what it can teach us and how we can use it to help us live more authentic, fulfilling lives. What is Human Design:...

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