February 9

How your unique calling differs from your life purpose


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I see a lot of people talking about life purpose these days. Life coaches in particular often talk about life purpose in a very secular way. I’m going to talk about life purpose from a spiritual perspective and then I’ll explain what your unique calling is and how it differs from your life purpose.

Your life purpose is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the thing that you were born into this world to do. It’s why you’re here. Life purpose is hugely important because when we’re aligned to our life purpose, we find fulfillment in our work, relationships, and daily spiritual practice. Our life purpose is that thing that considers our spiritual gifts, our strengths, and our passions and points us towards the work we need to be doing. It’s the “what”. What we need to do. What we were ultimately designed to do. Life purpose by itself, can really help create a much more fulfilled and satisfying life. Why wouldn’t it? It’s aligned with your passions and plays to our strengths.

Unique calling is the intersection of life purpose with your spiritual service. That’s the really good juicy part. It’s the “who” of the matter. Who do you want to show up as in the world? Your unique calling is the part that really unlocks the spiritual part of your life purpose. Your unique calling is how you take your life purpose and have a bigger impact on the world. If you’ve ever come home from work and wondered if what you’re doing actually matters, you’re going to want to really understand your unique calling. It’s not enough to simply know your life purpose and to pursue it. You need to take it that one step further and really embody your calling.

Our original question, what is the difference between our life purpose and our unique calling was flawed. It’s not about the difference. It’s about taking your purpose and going deeper. They’re different levels of the same thing. Your unique calling is the thing that you and only you can do to elevate the world. So don’t stop at your life purpose. You may be missing out on a whole deeper walk with Spirit


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