September 3

Ep 1: Why answering your unique calling matters


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Everyone talks about their life purpose these days. But your unique calling is even more special. Your unique calling is where you life purpose intersects with the element of service–service to the human collective and service to spirit. But why does it really matter whether you answer your calling or not?

Your unique calling could also be called your soul mission. It’s work that you agreed to do as part of your incarnation contract. This contract is a belief that when we’re still in spirit form, we decide with our guides and with Goddess, what we will do during this lifetime. Since our unique calling is part of it, we need to do this work to really achieve the learning that we can here for.

When we agree do to this work, Goddess works to give us the necessary skills, talents, gifts, and even life experiences that prepare us to answer our unique calling. When we don’t step up to do the work of our soul mission or unique calling, we can never truly live up to our true potential. When we step up and answer our unique calling, we really bring about a transformation as we integrate our skills, talents, and life experiences.

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