September 14

Ep 2: This is the most common block to answering your unique calling!


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There is a thing that only you can do to help elevate this world but if you’re not clear on what that thing is – and there’s something stopping you from finding it – you might miss it altogether.

But, the world needs you!

There is one most common block to answering your unique calling and it’s stopping you from having the impact on the world that deep down, you know is possible.

Today I’m deep-diving into what’s stopping you living your best life; the most common block to answering your unique calling, and how to break through it.

Are you ready to open your heart to the infinite possibilities that await you?

Isn’t it time to create clarity around your unique calling so that you can shine your magnificent light out onto the world, and serve in the way that only you have the power to do?

” It’s my deepest desire for anyone that wishes, to be able to not only discover their unique calling but take actions to fully embrace and live it. Just one of the ways I do that is with my new Unique Calling Podcast! I’m super excited to bring this to life and proud to announce my very first episode! The Unique Calling podcast provides tips, tools, and inspiring stories that enable you to have the greatest impact on the world by fully embodying your unique calling. “

Why do I need to listen to my unique calling?

When you are in tune with your inner wisdom and are able to feel the spiritual light and passion burning within you there is no stopping you! From this place, you will manifest the very best life for yourself without even trying.

Your life’s mission will propel you forward, evolving both your own and the world’s consciousness. From this place everything slots into place.

But how to work through what’s stopping you from getting there?

We all want to know we’re on the right path, the path that will afford us the best fulfillment and opportunities, and yet so many of us are not walking that path.

Here’s why – the most common block to answering your unique calling is fear.

  • Fear of looking a fool
  • Fear of success (yes, that’s a thing!)
  • Fear of getting it wrong
  • Fear of starting before everything is perfectly laid out
  • Fear of the journey itself

Fear manifests itself in many ways (for a deeper look into how fear affects us listen to the podcast episode)– but ultimately we are scared of change.

In following our unique calling we are usually required to go through the process of death and rebirth. Death of the old you and rebirth of the new. We are required to say goodbye to the version of us who is not fulfilled or thriving in life and to trust the process of welcoming the new. To trust that we will become someone who loves this new version of life and can now live with passion, drive, and contentment.

When we are in this place of fear we don’t even take that first step on our path.

We just decide that it’s an impossibility for us.

We tell ourselves a story that filters out the infinite possibilities leaving only one; “it just isn’t going to work”.

And we allow this fear to hold us back.

What happens when we start to work with the fear?

A magical shift happens when we start to peel back the layers of fear, like an onion. Working through them one by one with love and patience, until we start to find a place of empowerment. Until we begin to get in tune with our inner wisdom, and from this place of awareness and empowerment we can feel our mission, our spiritual light, and our passion burning within.

From this space, you will make the world around you a better place – from this space, nothing will hold you back!

You can listen to the full version of this podcast below:

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Bright Blessings,

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