October 12

Ep 4: Why I Answered my Unique Calling and you should too.


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A Spiritual journey in discovering my Unique Calling, Life Coaching, and changing the world one person at a time.

Someone recently asked me “Why become a Spiritual Life coach?”. In pondering the question I discovered that in many ways my answer ties back to why answering your unique calling really matters.

So why does it matter?

Just like so many of us when uncovered our life purpose, my story begins with a realization that I harbored a deep dissatisfaction for the way the world worked, and as an out gay man in a queer community that offered division and judgment in place of support, I wanted to see change.

So my journey began with a choice. A choice to be the catalyst for positive change, to contribute to a world that was kinder, more gentle, and more spiritually focused. I realized that if that was going to change, it had to start with one person, it had to start from within. So I set about working to show up as my own most authentic self.

I was a sensitive child, often bullied, and as a result, disconnected from my emotions and body. Yoga became my process for reconnecting with my own body wisdom and essence. It was and still is important to me and a natural progression, so I became a yoga teacher in Yellow Springs (if you know it, you know there’s a strong spiritual vibe).

The studio I taught at happened to be offering several other spiritual workshops; tarot readings, astrology, and various other topics. Intrigued, I started running Tarot Readings…the thing is, I actually found them dis-satisfying. People were coming to me for a quick fix, wanting to be handed a recipe for a happier life, just as I did at the beginning of my own journey.

The idea of becoming a coach actually came from a passing comment, but that comment sparked something in me, stayed with me, and eventually, I researched the Coaching profession and how best to pursue this new career. That set me on the road to becoming a Spiritual Life Coach and the underlying drive behind this discovery was a deep dissatisfaction with how the world worked and how other people were showing up in the world.

You see how the dots connected, without me ever knowing?

The change I wanted to see within the world had to start with just one person, that one person committed to inner healing shares their beliefs with another, and so on. Before you know it you have a community of like-minded people operating at a higher vibration, from their most authentic and true selves.

It’s contagious!

My pursuit of becoming a life coach was deeply tied to one of making that internal change within myself, working through my own inner process to heal the things that were holding me back from being my most authentic and best self, and becoming that agent of change. I wanted to help other people discover how to live their most authentic, true, and best selves so that we could start to see that cascade effect of more and more people doing the work, showing up as their best selves, and eventually changing the world through changing themselves.

Spiritual Life Coaching was my outlet to accelerate this cascade of change.

I am able to support each coaching client in stepping into a higher vibration, showing up as a better version of themselves, and in doing so inspiring others to do the same. They become that catalyst for change.

That’s why answering my unique calling is so tightly connected to what first inspired me to become a spiritual life coach, because it’s a natural progression of the work that I began 20 years ago, trying to create a more meaningful community for the gay man.

When you have a deep desire for things to be better. You are automatically drawn to your unique calling, you might not know what that is or how to find it, you just know that things need to change. That’s all it really takes, and when you have that drive, that burning passion inside you to really see that change in the world your unique calling simply… unfolds.

That’s what answering your unique calling is really about, not only do you make an internal change to be your best self and operate from a higher vibration but you also inspire others to want to do the same.

Will you join me in becoming a catalyst for change?

Reach out to me at hello@priestofinanna.mystagingwebsite.com or on social media – I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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