November 9

Ep 6: 3 Things You Should Know About Finding Your Unique Calling


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Do you ever feel frustrated that you don’t fully understand what your unique calling is yet? You’re not alone. The road to discovering your calling is going to have many twists and turns and even 180-degree turnarounds before you hit “home”, and that’s perfectly usual.

Here are 3 things you should know about finding your unique calling with an example from my own life that will put you at ease.

  1. Discovering your unique calling is an ongoing process that continues throughout our lives. We’re constantly refining our calling, gaining deeper awareness, and finding new ways to embody our spiritual calling throughout our entire lives.
  2. The path of spiritual self-discovery rarely happens overnight and is barely ever a straight line from point A to point B.
  3. People have usually racked up several life experiences before the time comes when their calling becomes clear. And those life experiences are often a zig-zag of seemingly random events.

My journey contained a multitude of zig-zags before I finally found my calling. Looking back, I can join the dots easily but I had no idea where I was heading while still zig-zagging on my path.

Here are some of the twists and turns I took that led me to where I am today:

I grew up in a fairly non-spiritual home, a reaction to my mother’s upbringing in a heavily Pentecostal household with my Grandmother ruling the roost. Mom rebelled and married at an early age to escape home life, so I grew up without spiritual guidance at home.

One of the things that my mother imparted to me though, was a respect for nature as a sign of divinity. As I got older this led me to explore nature, spirituality, and goddess spirituality.

My grandmother, with her strong belief in the idea of a spiritual calling, always said that my calling was to be in the ministry and become a Bible teacher. She was close!

From these foundations of early influences, my calling started to take shape and my direction in life began to manifest.

I later went to college and studied fine arts with plans to become an art teacher and teach in schools.

So as you can see, I already had this idea of where my calling was going and I felt very connected to that calling. I really enjoyed my student teaching and watching how my students lit up as they learned about art. I found it fulfilling.

However, at some point after this, I took a new direction into engineering, mainly due to financial reasons. This decision wasn’t necessarily going towards my calling, but it gave me life experiences. I was learning how to solve problems, and developing my leadership skills. I learned how to break problems down and communicate them well to others, which is a skill I use to this day both in teaching and coaching.

During my time as an engineer though, I started to dip my toe back into teaching. I led Tarot, Goddess, and nature workshops, and most of them I taught simply for the benefit of the community I was a part of. It was an act of love and service.

This eventually evolved into me getting my yoga teacher certification and teaching yoga and movement as well as meditation. But this time I was offering my services in return for money.

All of these twists and turns ended up with the birth of my business, Priest of Inanna, during which time a number of people asked me to be their coach. At the time I didn’t know about Human Design so I didn’t know that I’m a manifesting generator who should respond to the things happening in life around them. But for some reason, I did respond and I started coaching and went on to get my certification.

So my journey towards answering my unique calling has zigzagged, circled around, and made detours along the way. It wasn’t as simple as point A to point B.

I hope that seeing the non-linear nature of my calling brings you some comfort. If things don’t seem at all clear yet, it’s okay, try to relax into it and enjoy the process.

You’re bound to do some meandering along the way. It’s perfectly usual. You’re building these life experiences that will ultimately enable you to step into answering your unique calling and doing the work that you’ve been called to do in this life.


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