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Ep 8: Why work is a broken model for 70% of the US (from a Human design perspective)


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Are you unhappy at work? If so you are not alone. The modern work model is broken.

Depending on your Human Design type your work needs are very different. Roughly 70% of humans are either generators or manifesting generators and are defined by their sacral center with consistent access to a great deal of life force energy.

These people are well-suited for the traditional nine to five, or even the nine to nine for the generators out there. Generators need to be passionate about their work, they must have a sacral response to it – be lit up by it – in order to unlock energy. So any old work doesn’t automatically mean that it will be aligned. Generators can burn out just like the next person.

For the rest of the population, the manifestors, projectors, and reflectors don’t have a defined sacral center, and so are not designed to work the nine to five grind. These people need to work when they have energy and rest when they feel tired. It’s no wonder that so many people feel burnt out.

Having spent 25 years in the Silicon Valley startup culture before becoming a spiritual life coach, the one thing I noticed was the weird ideal of what a company founder should be, and that this person doesn’t actually exist. What Silicon Valley needs is someone who can initiate new concepts, which is the quantum purpose of the manifestor, however, asking a manifestor to work 10, 12, 13-hour days doesn’t work, that’s an existence for a generator.

The manifesting generator comes the closest to being in alignment with the modern work model, but a manifesting generator is a “wait to respond” strategy which means they can’t initiate and be in alignment.

So what Silicon valley considers the ideal company founder doesn’t even exist.

The modern work model is broken.

We can see evidence of this throughout the workplace. We just need to look at leadership role models and the interview process.

How many of you have worked for managers exhibiting unhealthy leadership? We’ve all worked for a few. There are too many leaders out there to count who haven’t learned the necessary skills of active listening and creating an environment that enables the team to do their greatest work.

The interview process is another area that doesn’t support the humans who participate in them. I hear horror stories about two-three-hour interviews, where candidates are asked to take complicated technical tests, to write code in front of interviewers, and to demonstrate that they know how to do the job they’ve been doing for years.

We’ve allowed work to run away with us, and we’ve created this culture of worship around the job, especially here in the United States. But the good part is that people are waking up to the fact that work is encouraging us to be inauthentic.

If you’ve ever been through a job interview, you know that you aren’t being evaluated as an entire person. You’re being evaluated as a narrow set of skills and abilities. Guess what? We’re not just single skills or talents, we are whole, wonderful, unique people.

You are the result of a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event. Your uniqueness and differences are something to be celebrated, and yet work (where we spend the majority of our lives) is just not structured for that.

The main reason people feel drawn to answer their unique calling is being unhappy at work. It is this deep dissatisfaction that brings people to explore, “what else could I do?” which is evident in the current “great resignation”. Thanks to the pandemic, an evolution of consciousness around the concept of work has been ignited.

People are realizing that work needs to mean more and to move them forward in some way, work needs to validate and appreciate the whole. When we work, we give energy and we need to be receiving the same energy back through our wages.

We only have so much energy to give. The pandemic and being scared for our loved ones, and experiencing loss, has made people more aware of the value of their energy. We are learning that we want to put more of that energy towards the people we love, towards spirituality, and towards living the kind of life that we want to live.

The trade-off for the current broken work model is no longer worth it.

So, what to do if you are dissatisfied at work? First of all, ask yourself,

Is my work fulfilling?

Am I passionate about what I’m doing?

And if you’re not, if your work doesn’t light you up, or you’re feeling burnt out, look at those areas where you’re not fulfilled and ask yourself,

What’s missing?

In an ideal world, what would I be doing and with whom?

Once you start to form an understanding of what it is that makes you feel good and valued you’ll be surprised how quickly things can fall into place.

If you’d like some help exploring your unique calling to create a life that lights you up you can message me here.

Bright blessings,

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