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Episode 11: How to be a spiritual business leader


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As a soulpreneur or spiritual business facilitator, your role in the coming evolutionary and spiritual shift is as a catalyst. This role demands spiritually aligned, empowered leaders, but are you up to the job? Here are some ways to grow as a spiritual business leader.

I encourage you to consider how you intend to show up as a leader both in the community, in your spiritual work, professional, and home life. 

Some questions to ask yourself as a leader:

  • Are you inspiring those around you? 
  • Are you leading by example?
  • Do others feel safe with you?

We already have enough bad leaders out there, so let’s not add to that leadership void.

Here’s what I’ve learned over my 24-years in various roles as a leader within both my profession and my community.

Stepping into leadership with authenticity.

Are you willing to step up and admit that you don’t know the answer or you’re not the smartest guy in the room for a particular task? 

The most adept and potent leaders have a firm grasp on their personal nature. They understand their Human Design and they lean hard into their design’s strengths. 

How to have a difficult conversation

This can be one of the least pleasant aspects of leadership. No one wants to have a difficult conversation or upset someone so here’s how to make it as pain-free as possible:

  • Have the conversation as soon as you are ready – don’t delay. The longer you leave it the harder it will become.
  • Know that you are simply delivering information. Bearing this news doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the person or their feelings.
  • Speak clearly, with care and honesty, and don’t get overly emotional. It’s your job as a leader to guide.
  • People will get upset with you – you need to learn to be able to take this and see it for what it is rather than taking it personally. 

You won’t always be popular!

You need to be okay with not being liked by everyone. That’s not your role. True leadership Is standing in your authenticity, in your power, and being at peace with annoying some people.

Are you managing expectations?

People like to project their expectations onto others, in particular on to leaders. Don’t try to be Superman and take it all on. I learned something many years ago that stuck with me on this topic from Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary, who ran  Pagan Spirit Gathering. Selena taught me the art of delegating feedback. She would receive verbal feedback and then reply something like this, “That’s a great idea. Would you like to volunteer to organize that?” In doing so Selena was clearly managing expectations of her leadership while inviting others to consider the amount of work involved in a particular task and to step into their own leadership role within the community.

Leadership can be stressful!

How will you manage your stress levels as a leader? Stepping back from any need you might have to be the “smartest guy in the room” will serve you well here.

Mindfulness and meditation have been my best allies during my years as a leader. Get yourself into the habit of using breathing techniques throughout your day and before any special events to greatly reduce nerves, stress, and anxiety. As a spiritual business person, you are being called into a unique position of leadership. With that comes the weight of responsibility. Know that you don’t need to and should not do this alone. Reach out to a confidant or a coach so that you have guidance along your way. During my time in the software industry, I coached younger managers in leadership within the software industry. Reaching out for guidance is a sign of a great leader.

If you’d like to book a coaching call with me and talk about where you are in your leadership journey and where you’d like to be you can do that here


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