Wild Spirit Festival

Feb 1, 2022 | Upcoming events | 0 comments

This coming September, Priest of Inanna will present Wild Spirit Festival at Wisteria event site in southeastern Ohio. Wild Spirit Festival is an outdoor camping event focused on exploring storytelling, ritual, art, and movement as tools for spiritual growth in pagan framework.

Julian Crosson-Hill is the event facilitator and during Wild Spirit Festival, he will be teaching several workshops as well as offering a 3-day spiritual leadership intensive. The intensive will discuss challenges that spiritual community leaders face and how to overcome them. This will be a workshop format with hot seat coaching and interactive exercises.

Joining Julian, Wild Spirit Festival is managed by Maria (Shelley) Leggett of marialeggetunveiled.com. Maria will also be offering workshops at the event.

The musical guest this year will be Spiral Rhythm. Workshop presenters include Roz Kincaid and Sarah Monroe.

To learn more about this event and register to attend, please visit the event site https://wildspiritfestival.com


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