February 7

You know you’re a spiritual entrepreneur – you feel it in your bones. 


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But where to begin?

Combining being in touch with your spiritual self with things like marketing, sales, and business growth don’t always come easy. It can be a long and rocky path to finding your balance. Many even give up before they get they build their dream business – and I don’t what that to be you!

Here are 8 powerful steps to help you avoid the usual traps the spiritual entrepreneur falls into and instead create a business that is aligned with your values AND is hugely successful.

  1. Believe in yourself – I mean really believe in yourself. There will be many friends, family and others along the way who won’t, so you need to believe in yourself 110%.
  2. Understand that your audience must know you in order to buy from you. That means having a very strong brand and most often it means you getting on video – a lot!
  3. Stay consistent – consistency is your friend. When you fall out of consistency things can begin to unravel. Stay on top and ahead with your strategy so that if you fall ill or you have an “off” week you won’t be thrown into a panic.
  4. Get to know your audience and be curious! Ask them questions – run video lives with them, find out about them. You’ll make dear friends and you’ll learn how to best serve your audience.
  5. Own your uniqueness – stand strong in who you are and be you, unapologetically. This will quickly attract your people to you (and those who aren’t your people away from you). You can cut years off your business journey by standing loud and proud!
  6. Create high-value packages – Serve your people with value they can’t refuse! Over deliver and be of service.
  7. Know your worth – and charge it! When you have glowing reviews and people are clambering to book you – it’s time to put your prices up. Keep checking in with your financial goals and make sure you are feeling good about the remuneration you are receiving for your time and energy.
  8. Delegate any repeatable tasks as soon as you can – you can’t be doing a full-time marketing job at the same time as being the visionary and manager leading the business forward.

Did I miss anything? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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