February 15

Ep.12: How to Deal with Haters


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If you’ve been doing this work for a while, showing up to serve as a soulpreneur, you’ll know what I mean when I say, haters. You’ve most likely gained some along your way. Am I right?

But what are you doing with your haters? 

It can be very tempting to keep them close and worry about them gossiping behind your back – I know, I’ve been there. But there are some very crucial reasons that you need to set boundaries with your haters… read on to learn 4 steps to help you claim back your power, and rise up strong as your glorious authentic self. 

But, first things first, let’s get this straight,

If you have haters it’s because you’ve leveled up!

Our haters are usually the people we were around when we were operating at a lower vibration. It’s all fine and dandy when the whole group is operating at the same level, but as soon as someone starts to raise their frequency and grow at a different rate, the trouble begins. Old friends start to judge and criticize and want to hold you back from your path of growth. Change can be scary for yourself and those around you.

And so at some point along the journey of answering your unique calling, you probably made a conscious decision that you didn’t need those influences in your life anymore. You probably created new boundaries that served your journey. Maybe you spotted some toxic behaviours and decided you didn’t want to live like that anymore. You began to sort the wheat from the chaff in all areas of your life and that included your friends and acquaintances.

But here’s the crucial bit.

You then either moved away from those lower-vibration influences or you didn’t and you still see them. If you chose the second option these people are probably still giving you grief, talking about you behind your back, and generally hating on you and pulling you down to their level.

If you are still allowing haters in your circle this next bit is for you.

These people aren’t going to be supportive of you as you answer your calling and follow your path as a soulpreneur, and worse still, they’re going to keep you playing small and stop you from attracting your soul-tribe. 

The haters are not your people.

In human design, we talk about the magnetic monopole, which is housed in our G center, the center of our direction, our purpose, and our identity. Our magnetic monopole is the driver of this vehicle that we inhabit in our lifetime.

Our magnetic monopole pulls us in the right direction as we move through life, but it also draws things to us. It’s how we manifest. The monopole attracts things that are aligned towards us including the people that we are meant to have in our life, that we are meant to work with and be friends with. People who are going to teach us something important and bring us an experience or an opportunity that will move us in the right direction. These people who are naturally attracted to our energy, and who are meant to encounter us will also take away something meaningful in their own lives.

The haters are not these people. Holding your haters close will stop you from growing, keep you playing small and occupy energetic space that could instead be attracting your tribe of cheerleaders.

I know it can be hard to process, but if this is speaking to you it’s time to say goodbye to toxic connections that don’t serve your journey and set some firm boundaries in place. Look at it this way, if you’re constantly worrying about tripping up because your haters will see and revel in you having a bad day, how can you show up authentically? How can you shine in your full power if you’re holding back?

It’s not possible.

This is where it gets weird; In holding back, you are also not creating your true vibration that attracts your tribe to you. You’ve answered your unique calling, you’ve put the work in, you’ve raised your vibration and up-levelled. But because you’re holding back in fear of the haters seeing you stumble, and because you’re not fully stepping into the authentic core of who you are you find yourself in limbo. 

The haters are winning anyway!

In holding back your light and your true authentic self you are not allowing your magnetic monopole to do its work and draw in your tribe. You are stuck in a kind of halfway house.

So, what to do?

The first thing is to realize that these haters who are watching you, being jealous, and celebrating when you struggle are actually giving you energy. They are spending their energy watching you and paying attention to everything you do. They are giving their power to you. And likewise, if you are obsessing over what they are doing and saying, you are also giving your power away.

It’s time to take your power back!

4 steps to help you claim back your power, and rise up strong as your glorious authentic self:

  1. Reclaim your power. These people don’t warrant your time or attention because their whole purpose is to keep you showing up small. Lean into answering your unique calling and show up as your biggest, most beautiful and most unique self.
  1. Let go of this fear of being authentic because other people are watching and instead focus on continuing your soul work.
  1. Celebrate! You’ve grown – take a moment to truly celebrate that.
  1. Live a good life. One of the best things you can do with haters is to focus on continuing the work that you’re doing, continuing to up-level, and continuing to grow. 

Everyone who answers their unique calling is a spiritual leader and a role model. We always want to be liked and we always want to have friends but when you’re a leader it’s not your job to always be liked or to be popular. You’re there to lead, to be a role model and a guide. There are always going to be haters. It’s up to you to decide how you deal with them. You came here with work to do. You came here with a soul mission. So, do what you need to do, shine brightly, put your mission first, and allow your people to find you.


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