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3 ways to answer your spiritual calling


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Sometimes the biggest challenge to answering your spiritual calling is figuring out the how of it. Once you know your calling, you have to figure out how it will fit into your life. There are 3 primary ways that people answer their spiritual calling. None of them are better than the others. Which method will be the correct one just depends on you and your calling. Remember, each of us are unique and beautiful beings with different needs and talents so how we answer our unique calling will reflect that.

Answering your spiritual calling through work or career

Some people are lucky enough that their calling is easily answered through work or career. This can happen in a number of different ways.

One way is that they were fortunate enough to be attuned to their calling early in life. They may have entered a field as their career that was already aligned with their calling. For example, a teacher who’s calling is to make a difference in young lives and shape young minds may be answering their calling in their day-to-day work.

Sometimes, on the journey to discover their unique calling, a person will realize that while they love what they do, the company they work for doesn’t fit their calling. As a result, they may simply change employers or take a role in public service of the non-profit sector. An example might be a marketing director that leaves a corporate job to help a non-profit spread their message.

Another, but more challenging way, that people answer their calling through work or career is by changing careers. Sometimes, a person may have achieved some success in a career but find that it no longer fulfills them. That causes them to set out on a journey to discover their unique calling. As a result of this journey, they may feel called to different work. This leads them to making a career change. An example might be an engineer who decides to take some additional schooling and become a teacher because they feel called it.

Answering your spiritual calling outside of your work

Sometimes answering your calling doesn’t involve your work or career. This can be for a number of reasons.

I want to note here that I don’t include mothers who have chosen to stay home and raise their children or homemakers that have made caring for their families a calling. My own mum fit this category. Instead of a career, she saw raising her children as her calling and stayed home to do it. People answering their calling in this way really belong in the above category. For too long we’ve devalued the work of making a home or raising children, but this is real work. Raising children and making a home is a career and should be honoured as one. People who feel called to this work of caring and nurturing are answering their calling as their work.

Getting back to answering your calling outside of work, one way that this happens is that someone may choose a calling that doesn’t really fit a career. Or they may feel that once they try to make a living doing it, they enjoy it less. Many artists and craftspeople fit this category. They feel called to create beautiful things that inspire others, but they don’t want to build a business or work at their calling.

The other case may be that someone answers their calling through a side hustle. They may be testing the waters of soulpreneurship before fully committing. Or they may need to take time to build their spirituality-based business in order to support themselves. For these people, they work outside of their regular work answering their calling with the idea of creating a full-time business in the future. It’s a stepping stone for them.

That, of course, suggests that there are also those who answer their calling outside of work but don’t plan to start businesses. There are a lot of reasons that someone may choose to do so but sometimes, it’s motivated by fear or false beliefs. I started out this way. I attended a lot of events and taught workshops for little to nothing outside of my working hours. At that time, I didn’t believe I could make a living doing it and I also had a false belief that it was somehow unethical to charge money for relaying spiritual knowledge. As I’ve grown and evolved, I’ve had to shed those fears and false beliefs in order to step into soulpreneurship.

Answering your spiritual calling through soulpreneurship

The third way that you can answer your spiritual calling is through soulpreneurship. I define a soulpreneur as someone who has started and is running a spirituality-based business. These are people who feel called to making spirituality their work. It includes tarot readers, yoga instructors, teachers, energy healers, coaches and more. People in this category have often discovered their spiritual calling but couldn’t find a way to make a career from it. They weren’t satisfied giving it part of their time alongside a regular job or career, so they built a business out of their calling.

What if you don’t know the best way to answer your spiritual calling?

Want to learn more about the various ways to answer your spiritual calling? I appeared as a guest on Damla Aktekin’s Conversations with Healers podcast. We talked about answering your spiritual calling with human design.

First of all, don’t worry. You’re not alone. It doesn’t matter if you’re still determining what your spiritual calling is or if you already know it, you can find a way to build it into your life. Ask yourself, how does this new calling fit into my life? My signature 1:1 coaching program, Answer Your Unique Calling, can help you figure out how to fit it in. You can start with a clarity call to help you get clear on your spiritual calling and how it fits into the rest of your life.


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