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Ep 13: Some people can make miracles happen– here’s how


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Once you become truly aligned with your unique calling everything starts to fall into place, read on for real-life examples of super manifestors, plus learn why this happens so that you can make this your reality too.

When you step into true alignment with answering your unique calling you are working with the universe and you become a manifestor of all that aligns with your cause. Amazing opportunities and experiences are drawn to you, and life flows with an ease that you didn’t know was possible.

You too can become a miracle worker. You simply need to get into a specific energetic state, which is exactly what happens when you’ve answered your unique calling and aligned with your soul mission.

So, let me give you a couple of examples of soulpreneur businesses making miracles happen with ease.

My first example is someone who decided it was their mission to challenge the status quo. They saw something that didn’t sit right and did something about it.

This gentleman runs a non-profit called Have a Gay Day. His organization started with humble beginnings as a Facebook page to address issues around LGBTQ+ equality and life, and to work on some of the struggles that LGBTQ+ people experience. 

At one point in time, Have a Gay Day needed to move locations, and they moved to a neighborhood that is somewhat economically challenged. The organization experienced resistance from the more affluent white LGBTQ+ community about this choice of the neighborhood due to fear of vandalism and violence. However, this gentleman believed that the community had great need, so the move went ahead. 

The incredible thing is that Have a Gay Day has in fact been received very well and has done wonderful things. They have received several grants and won awards, they are running food banks and are addressing the tremendous need in the community by helping anyone who shows up. It’s an amazing thing to see, and it feels like whenever Have a Gay Day gets involved, miracles happen allowing them to achieve their mission.

My second example of a super-manifestor is Minerva Maharajh. I work with Minerva and her business Starseed Academy Coach Training, and Minerva is another example of someone who just seems to miraculously manifest things as she needs them. 

Minerva runs a highly successful coaching business that is constantly growing and developing. She also launched a coach training school and ran her first cohort as well as giving birth to her son. 

She is one of those people who create opportunities and experiences for herself and her business that move her forward in life and heart-aligned success.

So what do these super-manifestors have in common and why it’s so easy for them to simply manifest these incredible things?

As you know, our thoughts create our reality. Everything in the universe is made up of energy, and when we align our energy we can make things happen in our reality.

From a Human Design perspective, there are three parts of our manifested form. 

  • The magnetic monopole is at the center of our identity and our direction. 
  • The design crystal is a fragment of universal consciousness responsible for creating the energy and the dimension of our physical form.
  • And the personality crystal which comes into our being shortly before we’re born. This is the part that creates our conscious mind and our conscious personality.

These three elements work together in powerful ways. The personality crystal and the mind are meant to be the passenger. They’re just along for the ride. Our awareness, our consciousness and our thinking apparatus are designed to simply join us on our journey.

The design crystal is the car. It’s the part that is responsible for our form – It is what creates our design, so it’s actually the vehicle. It’s what we’re riding around in during this lifetime. And then finally, the magnetic monopole is the driver, the part that’s pulling us in the direction we need to go because the magnetic monopole is holding the design crystal and the personality crystal together in our form, creating the illusion that we are separate from the rest of the universe. And it is an illusion. We are all part of universal consciousness.

So the magnetic monopole is designed to be the driver because it knows what opportunities and experiences we need to experience to fulfill the work we chose to do when we came here to this incarnation. The magnetic monopole is attracting those aligned experiences, people, and opportunities to us that allow us to fulfill our calling.

A lot of people say our thoughts create our reality and that’s partially true. There are three elements to creating our reality – our thoughts are a big part of that alongside mental rehearsal or visualization, which is what calibrates the magnetic monopole. The monopole then pulls aligned elements towards us while pulling us in an aligned direction. 

The last piece of this puzzle is who we show up as in the world. These three aspects work together, so the trick to becoming a super-manifestor like Have a Gay Day and Minerva Maharajh is to get these three elements into alignment. Thinking positive thoughts alone is not enough to manifest the things we desire.

It’s all about who you are being in that moment when you’re trying to manifest something, and people who have answered their unique calling are aligned. They’ve aligned to their soul mission, and they’re addressing things in the world that they see are broken. Their calling is so strong that it creates a powerful shift in who they’re being. Once they’ve accepted their calling and fully stepped into it, it becomes much easier to align thoughts and feelings and to manifest the right opportunities and experiences to drive the mission forward.

To become a super-manifestor you have to find this alignment between the three parts of your being, and one of the easiest and quickest ways to do that is to get in touch with your unique calling – step into it – because then you’re showing up as your deepest, most authentic self, and that will make it much simpler for you to align your thinking and your feelings to how you’re being in the moment.

We all want to create our own reality and manifest our hearts’ desires so, I encourage you to align these three areas. You’ll know when it’s working because you’ll be manifesting what you desire with ease and flow.

Let me know how you get on!


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