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Learn human design with this in-person workshop


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Would you like to learn human design? Maybe you’ve heard about it and want to understand more. I’m offering a 3-hour human design workshop at the Temple of the Rebel Goddess in Dayton, Ohio. On Saturday May 7, from 2pm to 5pm we’ll explore the origins of human design, what the system is, the 5 energetic types and how they operate, and how to use your strategy and authority.

This is a great opportunity to learn human design and start to experiment with using your design to improve your life. In this workshop, each attendee will receive their personal human design chart. This will allow you to refer to your chart during the presentation and really home in on the parts that are most relevant to you. As this workshop is an in-person workshop, it will be interactive, and you will be able to ask questions. This is a huge advantage over a self-paced course when trying to learn human design.

If this is the first time you’re hearing of human design, you can learn more about it on my human design services page. Human design is a system that blends astrology, kabbalah, the I-ching, and chakras to understand the energetic design of your form and how it interfaces with the quantum field. This is important because the quantum field is the realm of unlimited potential possibilities. When we understand how our human design works, we’re better able to attract experiences and opportunities to us that create the possibilities we want the most. We begin to manipulate the quantum field to build the life we want to live!

The human design system outlines 5 energetic types. Each of these types have a strategy which is how they optimize their decision making. Strategy helps us decide what actions are aligned for us and whether or not they’re likely to help us open ourselves up to the greater possibilities in the quantum field. Type and strategy are foundational concepts in human design. In this workshop, I’ll be speaking in depth about type and strategy and how to use them in a practical way.

The other key concept in human design that this workshop will address is authority. Strategy helps us determine what to do and to a lesser extent when. Authority works with strategy to align our work with divine timing. Combined, they allow us to take actions that are perfectly aligned with Divine timing to create the life we want.

This workshop is being hosted by the Temple of the Rebel Goddess in Dayton, Ohio. It’s being offered on a sliding scale of $44/$50/$56 and attendees are encouraged to pay what they can afford. You can learn more about the sliding scale and register for the class at the event page on the Temple’s website.


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