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Ep 14: Stop focusing on the destination and focus on this instead


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with special guest Sylvie Peric

Silvie Peric started her life in a world that enabled egocentric entitlement, she was not presented with questions that opened up to the possibilities of how she could be of service or what she had to offer, but rather, “how can I get more?” 

“I didn’t know that there even was a different way of being”

This was until she experienced a near-death experience in 2013 that unraveled her previously held perception of the world and her place in it. She learned to discover the difference between an egocentric and superficial way of living and a spiritually grounded, compassionate, and empathetic way of being in the world.

Today Silvie supports others through difficult life transitions with a new understanding of her own life struggles and revelations, a master’s degree in psychology, and as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach.

Sylvie lends her advice on the often long, winding road to finding your unique calling, how she has overcome some of the struggles that come with this journey, and the transition that must take place within the mind when we begin to step into Spiritual Leadership.

Q: Tell us a little bit about how you got to a place where you started taking on Spiritual Life Coaching clients:

“It was a long-winded road and I think it truly depends on how we come into this world, how far we have already understood and gained awareness in either prior lifetimes or what our basic understanding is. Growing up, I was completely unaware. I lived a very entitled, egocentric lifestyle that was not about “what can I offer?” “How can I be of service?” But rather, “how can I get more?”

I had a near-death experience that was a culmination of panic and anxiety around a situation where I felt that hard-built ego attack and it culminated in a panic attack on a freeway going 90 miles an hour.

From that moment everything started to unravel, and it was not an easy unraveling.

It was a time of intense guilt and shame of how I had been, how I had lived my life, and how inauthentic it had been. I found myself at that crossroads and there was a time I actually did contemplate no longer remaining in this physical body. But my mom was there, she asked me if I knew that God gave me this life as a gift.

I was willing to entertain the thought of it, but it took years of not just therapy but intentionally, deciding that I wanted to find a way out and consulting with spiritual teachers, spiritual literature, God, nature, the universe, which to me was such a blessing. 

I know it sounds probably weird to many people, but the diagnosis of breast cancer for me was not only a gift of understanding that life is really the biggest gift in itself, the ability to physically be alive, but it was my gift to finally be strong, to finally no longer be entitled, but say, “you know what? This is my challenge. Nobody could help me beat it.” I had to do it. It was the gift for another opportunity at life 2.0, to live authentically and to live in reverence of life, to live gently, to live sincerely.”

Q: ​​Tell us a little bit about the film that you made and what triggered that happening:

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2016, in March or April of 2017, right before I started chemotherapy, you have to go through different tests to see if your levels are high enough to now take chemotherapy.

One of my liver values was incredibly high. So my brain went into overdrive and I thought it was no longer just stage two, cancer, but stage four. 

The result would take around five days. And the next morning I found myself sitting at the ocean down by the sand. And that’s how the short film starts because I was overwhelmed with an incredible question.

“What if I could never touch sand again? What if I could never touch water again? What if I couldn’t ever smell the sun? Touch my skin.” 

It was this incredible feeling of did I do enough? 

And so I suddenly had this desire to communicate the importance of living life and appreciating every little thing. 

I put an ad on Craigslist and I said, I need a spiritual cameraman. And four days later with the help of friends, it really came together in a very unexpected, beautiful way. 

It was my attempt to say, what I felt I wanted people to understand about life. And it almost was like, if that’s all I could do, and then I would no longer be here, that would have been enough.”

Q: Many of my clients deal with fear and doubt around supporting themselves and paying the bills. How do you stay rooted in that mindset of love, acceptance, and peace that we lean on when we answer our unique calling?

“I think as humans if we didn’t get pulled out sometimes it would be weird. Right? 

Maybe it is a step-by-step process to step away from the corporate career and to gradually see how much in alignment we can be with being in full acceptance of if nothing comes in return in the immediate to stay with it, to go with it, to not be attached to outcome, but only to pour ourselves into giving, into the doing and from that derive the sense of fulfillment that often a corporate job wouldn’t even come close to giving us. 

I am still working full time, but I have removed, to a very large extent my ego, I try to be of service to everyone that I work with.

Not so much as I’ll do everything you tell me, but rather, how can I diffuse this argument in this meeting? How can I shine a light on what somebody is too afraid to say? How can I not raise my voice in irritation? Even if my ego side would want to, so those are things I think we all can get 

our toe wet with, in trying to practice these, virtues in our normal corporate careers to be in reverence of life, to be sincere, to be gentle with life and with others.”

Q: What would you tell someone who is re-examining their life and want to be of service but are unsure where to begin?

“ Are you able right now to embody what that feeling, feels like?” 

Because knowing in theory, what being of service means is one thing, but it’s not until you fully understand vibrationally, energetically from your heart, what that would feel like that you can then be successful at doing it.

So what I do in the mornings is to vibrationally realign myself with what it is that I want to feel like. But I needed to establish that first. What is it that I want to feel like? And then establish a discipline around vibrationally starting your day in that mindset. 

That in itself, I think isn’t just something that just happens. You have to work at it. And then as you go about your day, even as you’re at work continue to embody that. And if you find yourself throughout the day (because that happens quite often) that you’re being pulled away from that because maybe you read something on the news, or somebody says something at work, or you witnessed something that is making you react in ways that are not in alignment, of course, react, say what needs to come out, but then make a conscious choice to realign yourself.”

Q: what else would you like to say to our listeners?

“Cultivate discernment, cultivate what it is that you want your alignment to be like, and then cultivate ways that you can remind yourself of that and get back in alignment with that. 

Don’t be afraid of not knowing your purpose, not knowing what your offering should be, or that you need one and you don’t have one. Enjoy the opportunity to see what life will bring to you as you practice this alignment with what you for yourself really want to feel like and embody.

Silvie highlights a really important point of practicing answering your calling and showing up in the right mindset and in the right vibration daily. 

When we work at being in alignment not only when we practice our spiritual work but consistently throughout our day, career, life, you begin to embody and truly step into your calling as a natural transition with the support of the Universe.

If you’d like to learn more about Silvie’s work to support others’ work through difficult transitions you can find her here:


Instagram: @beyondphysicality

And if you are on the path to embodying and align with how you want to show up in the world and be of service remember that you don’t have to go it alone. I offer several coaching services to support Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Leaders find their path to energetic success.


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