March 29

Ep. 15: 4 Mindset Shifts you Need to Step into your Unique Calling and Build a Spiritual Business.


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Your mindset and belief system affect everything in your life from what you think and feel to how you react to the world around you, so for those who are feeling called to a greater purpose, who want to spend more of their day doing what they are passionate about, it goes without saying that you will need to address certain limiting beliefs in order to fully step into building your spiritual business.

Here are the 4 key mindset shifts that you are going to need to achieve true personal transformation and go after your dreams of building a spiritual business: 

  1. “It’s unethical to charge for my spiritual work”

This is something that I have heard time and time again from clients who are pursuing spiritual work as a passion project outside of their corporate career. 

“I would love to do this full time, but I can’t make a living from it because I don’t feel right charging for it”

Let’s take a look at this idea that it’s unethical to charge money for spiritual wisdom, teaching, or work because honestly, it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Have you ever offered your services for free and excitedly anticipated the turnout from your long list of attendees on the day, only to find that less than half actually turned up, and those that did were not engaged in the way you’d hoped? I have!

In offering your services for free, you are not attaching any value to your work, to your time, to your skills, to your wisdom, or dedication. I for one am a firm believer that we should value our spirituality and we should value spiritual wisdom in others. In putting a price on our work we are saying “here, this has value, you’re going to get value out of this” and as a result, more people will show up in an engaged way.

This is really important to understand early because as you begin to explore the process of pricing your services, you simply have to ask “What is this body of work worth? What is a fair exchange of energy here?”

  1. I am not worthy of my gifts

There are a lot of people who resist their calling because they feel like they can’t do it. They don’t have the right skills. They’re not good enough. They’re not eloquent enough. They don’t know it all. 

There’s a whole list of excuses for why you shouldn’t pursue your spiritual business and they are all rooted in your feelings of self-worth. I struggled with my self-worth for years and I remember when it clicked that what it really boils down to is:

“Am I worthy of supporting myself by doing what I love?”  YES!

We do not have to somehow earn our desires from the universe, to prove ourselves in order to receive what we want and need, to receive abundance, money, success, because the universe wants to give us these things, we just need to operate at the frequency of the things we want to attract.

This comes with stepping into the role of answering our unique calling. 

The universe is not holding you back from your desires, your resistance as you step into that role is what is holding you where you are today. Remember, your desires, desire you.

  1. “I should do more of what they are doing”

If you’ve ever compared yourself or your spiritual business to someone else, stalked them on social media, and are left feeling less than adequate you’ll understand that there’s a lot of influence about how we SHOULD show up in the world. Now, most of this is bad advice on comparing and copying someone else’s model of life and business which leaves you thinking:

“I should do more of what they’re doing”

“My business will be more successful if I do it that way”

“I have to speak in the same way they are”

The problem with this is that we are watering down our own authentic message. Each adaptation to be more like the next most successful influencer takes you further away from the truth of you are until you no longer attract the people that you’re meant to attract.

The experiences and opportunities that are ideal for our authentic self slip by us and we end up struggling because we’re trying to show up in a way that isn’t authentic and attract people who we simply don’t want to work with. We are pulling ourselves out of our uniqueness, the thing that makes us perfectly suited to answering the calling that we’ve been given. 

By shifting this mindset, embracing the truth of who we are, and showing up in an authentic, transparent way our magnetic monopole can operate at its fullest capacity and draw what we need to us in order to fully answer our unique calling.

  1. “Success is the reward of burnout”

Burnout happens to even the most spiritual of beings. It’s easy to do in business, we want to fill our calendars, we jump on the grind and we push ourselves beyond our limit disregarding our energy, focus, and the people and things that light us up the most.

Working a full day and coming home to dedicate hours of your free time to your calling can be incredibly fulfilling. You’re loving the work, you’re doing your passion project, it’s lighting you up and that’s wonderful but you’re also creating the perfect situation for burnout to arise.

There’s always that temptation to push yourself through the tricky transition period so that you can finally let go of that soul-sucking career that pays the bills. So we push and force the process beyond our limits. We get in our heads and we start telling ourselves it’s a necessity to make our business work. Before long, you’re working nights and weekends, you’re putting all of your spare time into your side business… you run full steam into burnout without even realizing it.

Next comes the great crash, your momentum dips, and you start procrastinating, you stop showing up as energetically as you could, maybe you’re even half-assing things. You start asking yourself “This is the work I really want to do, I really enjoy it. Why am I not making any traction?”.

The Answer: Burnout

You didn’t give yourself time to recharge your batteries between leaving that soul-sucking job and stepping into your spiritual business. You went from zoom to zoom, meeting to meeting without allowing yourself time to recharge and recover.

You carried that burnout, that low energy, and that icky low-frequency vibration from working your corporate job you hate, directly into your spiritual business and the work of your calling. 

What I’m trying to say is that it’s critical that you create space to do the things you love, and to rest, meditate and recharge so that your transition can be a smooth one of ease and of grace, so that when you do step into doing the work of your calling, you have the energy to show up fully as yourself, feeling worthy and knowing the value that you’re offering. 

These mindset shifts will enable you to impact and influence the world in a way that will create lasting positive change for the human collective.

After all…that’s really what this process of answering your unique calling is all about.


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