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5 principles to transform how you market your spiritual business.


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Figuring out how to market your spiritual business can be very difficult when you’re starting out. You start to look at all the different social networks and marketing methods and you get overwhelmed. You might try to do them all. It doesn’t take long to figure out that it’s just not sustainable to do consistently. Marketing is also the one area that will bring up your false beliefs and mindset challenges the quickest (imposter syndrome, anyone?).

Marketing your spiritual business doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you apply these 5 principles, no matter how you actually do your marketing, you will be successful in your marketing efforts.

You can do it your way

Never mind all the business coaches that will helpfully invite you to their free challenge to learn how to market your spiritual business. These coaches are looking to sell you a step by step marketing system. The problem is that their system may not work for you. Maybe their system relies on video and you don’t feel confident on camera or it involves blogging and you hate writing.

The first principle for spiritual business success is that you absolutely, 100%, can do it your way. Find the marketing method that speaks to you. Find ways to get your message out that are fun. If you enjoy your marketing activities, you’ll be more likely to do them consistently, and that’s key in marketing. When you try to market in a way that you don’t enjoy, you won’t do it regularly or you’ll struggle with it.

Do what you love applies not just to your spiritual calling itself, but also to marketing your spiritual business. Do it your way.

Done is better than perfect.

Will all the perfectionists reading this post, please raise your hands? I bet there’s a lot of you. I get it. I’m a recovering perfectionist myself. I stalled launching my podcast because I didn’t think it was perfect. I stalled doing videos because I didn’t have the skills to edit them to my standard of perfect.

The problem with perfectionism is that it gets in the way of getting it done. While you’re waiting to get your marketing perfect, your clients are waiting to hear from you or worse, connecting with someone else’s message. Getting something done and out into the world, is always going to be better than putting out the perfect thing.

I hear all of you perfectionists saying, “But I don’t want to just put out any old rubbish”. I used to think that too. Here’s how I broke my perfection streak and it will work for you too. Aim for 70%. That’s right. Try to get a “C” on your marketing. The reason is that you’ll finish way more things if you try to get them 70% perfect. Finishing more things mean more people hear about your spiritual business. It also means you get more practice so your 70% will begin to look and sound better over time.

Protect your energy

Marketing can easily become a full time job if you let it. If you’re putting too much energy into your marketing, what will be left for your clients? Make sure you protect your energy. It would be terrible if you burnt out in your spiritual business because you were pushing yourself too hard on your marketing activities. Decide how much marketing is enough and set up a schedule.

If you’re already feeling like you may have taken on too much, look at how you’ve structured your marketing. Maybe you’re putting out a blog post everyday or posting on social media daily. How much energy would doing it twice or three times a week save you? Consistency doesn’t mean daily. Find a frequency that works for you and then stick to it. If something feels like too much, cut it back. Protect your energy above all.

Don’t try to be anyone but yourself

A big mistake you might be tempted to make is trying to do the same things as another successful spiritual entrepreneur. You didn’t answer your unique calling just to become a clone of another spiritual business. When you try to be someone else, the people that are meant for you won’t find you. You won’t attract the right clients because the right clients will be drawn to you, not a copy of someone else.

Human design can help you become more aware of your authentic core. Once you have that awareness, market from that authenticity. The right people will be drawn to who you are.

There is no failure

In human design, the people with a 3 in their profile tend to be the most experimental. They move through live trying things and seeing what works. One of the things I learned from the 3-line profiles is that there is no failure. There’s only what worked and what didn’t. Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow.

The same applies to your marketing. You may not get it right at first. If you can approach your marketing with a sense of play, you’ll find the things that work and the ones that don’t. Figuring out that something doesn’t work for your business isn’t failure. It’s just knowledge. You can use that knowledge to “play” with a different approach. Failure doesn’t exist when you’re playing.

Marketing can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of running a spiritual business. If you apply these 5 principles in marketing your spiritual business, you’ll not only have more success, you’ll have a lot more fun.

Not sure where to start? Still in the process of starting a spiritual business? My Soulpreneur Energetic Success program may be a good match. Let’s have a chat and see how I can support you.


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