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Answering your Calling with Human Design


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What if you could understand how you as a human were designed, how you were meant to operate and interact? Wouldn’t navigating life be so much easier? What if that knowledge could help you in answering your calling?

Human Design is a great modality that can help us to better understand who we truly are by using our birth information to build a unique chart that gives great insight into our life calling and how best to align with it.

Intrigued to learn more? Here’s how you can use human design to inform your life decisions and come into alignment with your unique calling.

What is Human Design and How Does it Work?

Human design is a system that was delivered to Ra Uru Hu in 1987 during a supernova. He describes hearing a voice that would give him the information that we now know as human design.

At the very basics, human design is about understanding how our form operates, and how we interface with the quantum field and become open to the possibilities around us. 

There are three key parts to human design:

  1. The Magnetic Monopole

This is the driver of your vehicle, the thing that pulls you towards experiences and opportunities that are aligned for you (you might call this soul or higher-self).

  1. The Design Process

This creates our physical form and all of the inner energetic circuitry in our form and how it operates.

  1. The Personality Crystal

Just as we are born the personality crystal comes in to form our conscious personality and how we show up in the world.

The best, most evolved apparatus for making energetically aligned decisions is our inner authority (surprisingly, not the mind!), so by learning how to best listen and align with our inner authority, we are already taking strides towards our unique calling.

What does answering your calling mean?

Answering your calling is what happens when you begin to do the work that you agreed to do when you came to this earth. This is a mission of work that you, uniquely, are designed to do and that will advance the evolution of human consciousness. 

There are 3 main ways that people do this:

  1. Make your unique calling your career and pursue it full time
  2. Work on your unique calling part-time alongside something else
  3. Starting a spirituality based business

How human design informs our calling:

On a deeper level answering your unique calling is about answering the question 

“How do I spiritually align myself to maximize my impact in the world?”. 

This is where your human design can become one of your greatest assets in moving forward with your calling. Because it teaches us what makes us unique and how to lean into that so we can approach our calling from a place of understanding, equipped with the unique tools that we alone were given to answer our mission on this earth. You and you alone have the spiritual gifts, talents, and skills in this life for your role in it.

Getting started with answering your calling:

Whether you already have an inkling of what your calling might be or are completely at a loss, taking stock of your current situation and past experiences will help you move into a space of understanding and listening to what your body is already telling you:

Look at your life story:

  • What did you want to do as a kid?
  • What really fascinated you as a teen?
  • What keeps pulling you back in?
  • Are there any life themes coming up for you?

I had a great discussion on human design with Damla Aktekin on her podcast Conversations with Healers. Listen here to learn more about human design or watch on YouTube below:

If you’re curious about human design and are intrigued to map out your chart as a tool for answering your unique calling, you can set up a private appointment with me.


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