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Ep.18 Spirituality and Politics. Changing the World starts with YOU.


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The news this morning called to my spirit guides “Roe v Wade: US Supreme Court may overturn abortion rights, leak suggests”, ‘rights are being removed for women to have control over their own bodies, the LGBTQ community is being stripped of their rights, immigrants should be feared’… it feels like the current political situation is dire, an easy environment to fall into resentment fear and hopelessness, but today I want to explain why we must do the very opposite, why we must anchor in positive energy and how even as an individual you can change humanity as a whole.

Spirituality and politics may seem very remote from one another, and in many ways they are, however, we can approach politics from a place of spiritual alignment and with the goal of creating positive change.

First of all, let’s take a look at the voting methods currently being used in the United States. In the current political situation, we can see a lot of scare tactics being used in the media, people are scared, they are stressed and they form cliques, the goal becomes to destroy the opposition, to throw hate comments up online, and add to the fear as opposed to creating the positive change that we want to see in our world.

What if instead of focusing on the obstacles, the low, heavy energy, we voted based on the fruit that the tree bares:

How loving is the message of this party? 

How hopeful is the message of this party? 

Does this elicit higher vibes? Or does this elicit fear and hatred and lower vibes? 

For example, fearing immigrants, removing rights to choose or for women to have control over their own bodies, and stripping the LGBTQ community of rights, are all low vibration activities, and so for me, personally is not something that would win my vote.

The second thing to note is that Politicians are not going to save us!

Politicians are not going to create the change that we need and want in our world. If you are waiting for the right person to run for office, so you can vote for them and they can save our planet and create the change you want to see in the world. You are going to be sadly disappointed. 

The time for sitting and waiting atop a burning world for someone else to do something is over.

We can start empowering each other now by answering our unique calling, by letting go of the anger and releasing the fear. When we direct those low vibe energies against something we’re actually magnetizing that same energy and multiplying the very thing we want to reduce, so instead of working against that thing, we need to work for the opposite. 

Instead of fighting poverty, what if we created prosperity equally?

Instead of fighting hunger, what if we worked to make sure all children in this country were fed?

Instead of trying to stop war, why don’t we try to create peace?

When we align our energy with the outcome we want to see, we begin to magnetize and manifest that thing into reality.

The Frequencies of Change:

In human design all of the energies of the bodygraph–gates, centers, channels, etc–operate at three frequencies.

The first l is individual and it tells us how our energy flows and how these archetypes in the Human Design body graph affect us personally. Not only this but how you personally can create a tremendous amount of change.

The second is what we called tribal/kin/clan. This looks at how a group of tight-knit localized individuals with their archetypes, channels, and energies can operate together. 

The third frequency is the (much larger) collective. This looks at how we can relate to the entire collective of humanity and how we evolve as a whole.

The same thing goes for love. First, we learn to love at the individual level, then our clan, our closest friends and community and finally there’s the collective level of loving all of humanity.

Love works at these different frequencies, just as change does, we awake individually, and that inspires awakening in the tribe that inspires awakening in the collective. All change happens first at the individual level, then at the tribal level, and then in all of humanity, these frequencies are a pattern that works with any type of energy.

Steps of Creating Positive Change:

  1. When we want to create powerful change, we, first of all, must anchor it in a high vibe energy of hope, love, and joy. These are the things that will support our manifestation.
  2. We need to focus our energy on the right things. By fighting what we don’t want and focusing our energy on resistance we are blocking the flow of energy, fighting against it. Instead, we want to focus on the creative aspects of our energy, of what we really want to create, and the energy that we want to anchor into our manifestation.
  3. The best change often occurs at the local level, so instead of waiting for a politician to solve all our problems let’s instead ask “How can we come up with solutions to global problems at a micro-level in our community? 

Regardless of what your unique calling is, whether you’re meant to be an artist, a teacher, or a coach. Everyone has the same mission beneath it all. 

That mission is to love so goddamn hard. That love is such a powerful force for creation and for creating change, that love awakens the higher consciousness in the people around you. If we start by loving on the tribal level, loving our core groups so strongly, working together to find solutions to the problems we are currently facing, and making sure that we’re all stepping into our mission, we can create change that will ripple out from the individual to the tribal, to the collective, because remember, in human design the three frequencies are individual, tribal, and collective. 

Your higher calling is bigger than yourself, it’s not about just loving your work, it’s about saving the world, it’s about saving the planet and humanity, it’s about helping humans elevate their consciousness and step into a new era of high vibrational energy.


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