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Ep. 19: Let’s talk about manifesting money


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It often seems like the primary goal of human existence is to accumulate as much money as possible (disclaimer: it’s not!). And yet, many people have a troubled relationship with money, in fact, studies report that 73% of Americans rank their finances as the No.1 stress in their life. There’s a lot of talk circulating on how manifesting money can happen with ‘ease’… which leads to a whole lot of clients coming to me asking why all they’re doing is leading to little or no results. So let’s talk about the falsehoods, blocks, and methods for creating more money and abundance in our lives.

Money Myth No.1: There’s never enough

This is an often underlying or unconscious limiting belief that there’s just not enough money to go around: “If I have more, somebody else has less” and “If they have it all, I can’t have any”. This is an important one to overcome because before we’ve even entertained the idea that we could manifest a healthy income, we are already telling ourselves that we can’t have it. The world is a very abundant place and our planet is capable of feeding everyone on it.

Money Myth No.2: More is better

This myth is rooted in the belief that there is never enough and so we must hold onto everything we can find. This kind of false belief leads to a couple of things:

  • Unhealthy habits of hoarding money, to an extent that it doesn’t benefit us or our growth of wealth
  • Billionaires who continue to collect money that would be impossible to spend in a lifetime. 

Money Myth No.3: It’s just the way it is

There’s nothing, I hate more than hearing “that’s just the way it is…nothing can be done”.

I am a firm believer that each individual not only is capable of creating change but is responsible to do so. Each of us has our own unique calling and when we step into that we become a powerful catalyst for change that accelerates around us and into the world.

Right here, right now, I’m bursting the bubble that it is the way it is. It is most certainly NOT the way it is and we CAN change it. 

Myths are drawn from The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

The Energetics of Money and how it operates:

Off the bat, let’s just agree that money isn’t real. 

What I mean by this is that we, as humans, have invented money as a proxy for other objects of value, typically gold. Of course today we have departed from this and money is no longer associated with any particular valuable thing. And so money has become more of an energetic proxy for our abundance (note I say proxy, not measure). Meaning that money doesn’t equate to abundance because abundance has many different ingredients; time spent with loved ones, being joyful, living a full satisfying life, and so on.

If we look deeper into this we can go as far as to say money is energy, it is the energy of the value that we’re providing in the world. Energy, directed by our intention, flows through our creation process, creativity, and work, and is in constant transition. But something interesting happens when we receive the energy of money – we want to stop it! We start to pile it up, save it and hold onto it because we’ve bought into this scarcity mindset that more is better. And when we do that we stop the flow of money and abundance. We’re not directing it and other people aren’t receiving it. 

By removing these blockages and ideas that we need to have more in order to do more, we can begin to direct the energy of money with intention and the flow starts to increase. Optimally, what we need to be doing is receiving and releasing money with intention, we need to keep it moving by donating to causes that we believe in, by being generous, and by sharing our abundance.

Keep that flow moving, and you will find that the money continues to flow through your life.

Manifesting future income in the present moment:

We can get stuck in the past, spending our time rehashing old memories, and we can get caught up thinking about the future, and yet we cannot access either. The only time we can do anything to change the past or the future is in the current moment. All too often when we are trying to manifest money we are setting goals for the future, we visualize the future, and we practice the feeling we want in the future. All of which takes us away from the NOW.

Try this instead:

Start talking in the present tense and saying “I have x right now, at this moment”. By talking about what is currently happening in our present reality we can begin to create the reality that we want. 

Practice this exercise for manifesting money in the present moment: Write 100 things that you desire in the present tense “I have”, “I am”, “I do”.

The secret here is to really focus on how you’re being and how you’re fulfilling your mission and as a result, you will start seeing the abundance and the resources that you need to achieve your desires.

I did this exercise myself recently and the results were fascinating! I focused my intentions on the impact I was having, and how I wanted to serve the world and the people within it. I didn’t talk about money but instead about how I was being, how I was showing up, and how I was serving with authenticity. By doing this I was putting all focus on my mission and the work I was doing and with abundance in my work comes a natural flow of money.

The key to manifesting money is to focus on your passion because when you engage and claim your calling, you’re lifting other people up and encouraging them to also claim their calling, you’re being a change catalyst, and inspiring a shift and expansion in the world.

Everything else will follow naturally. Focus on your mission and allow the money to flow naturally.

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