June 7

Ep. 20: Do this before you claim your unique calling


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Most people go through something of a process when they make the decision to claim their unique calling. The immediate reaction is to take action:

What’s the next step that I need to take?

What do I need to be doing next?

What am I going to do for a living?

How am I going to pay my bills?

And it’s no wonder when we hear cliché sayings such as “Do what you love and the money will follow” that give the impression that by focusing on the doing of their unique calling, the money will naturally flow. In theory, this sounds great, but in order for the money to follow, we first have to get our energy aligned and calibrated so that we can be the way we need in order to fully realize our calling. 

But what does focusing on your being really mean? It means looking at the energy that you are embodying in your present moment and reality. How are you showing up, how are you being and what is the energy that you’re carrying around with you on a day-to-day basis? 

There are two kinds of energy at work here that we need to talk about:

The first is spiritual energy. All of us are channels for this energy and it flows through all of us on a daily basis as we go about living our lives.

It is the energy that resides in matter itself, it exists not only in empty space but also in the physical objects that we interact with on a daily basis. And so we’re channeling this energy through us all the time.

We direct this energy with our will and our intention toward the things that we want to create. This could be our unique calling, it can be the energy with which we approach daily tasks or where our energy is being misdirected.

This energy flow does not have a steady stream, sometimes it comes as a trickle and sometimes it flows like a great rushing stream, and how it flows depends on what we’re doing with our energetic body, and how well we’re keeping that channel open..

The second type of energy is calibrating energy which is directed by our emotions. The talk of emotion as a way of calibrating our energy can lead to mention of ‘high’ and ‘low vibe’ energy which very quickly takes us down a route of toxic positivity where we deny the negative emotions that are only natural and very important for us to feel. There is a reason why we want to focus on developing our positive emotions without denying the negative because the truth is that these energies will calibrate your intention, for example:

When we feel anger or fear (those emotions that kick us into survival mode) we don’t see as many options in front of us. We think of only a few possible paths of action because in a moment of panic we don’t need to be faced with 40 possible options that we have to weigh up and make an informed decision on. So yes, there is certainly a need for these ‘low vibe energies and emotions’ but by focusing on those more expansive emotions (joy, love, relaxation), we are able to think of more possibilities.

And so, because of that, when we are using emotional energy as a calibration for directing our spiritual energy within. We want to experience as many of the expansive emotions as we can so that we can envision more opportunities.

The reason that this is important when answering your unique calling is that if you are able to pay attention to the energetics behind your intention and maintain an expansive frame of mind, if you’re feeling expansive about claiming your calling, if you’ve done the inner work and the energetic work to properly calibrate your spiritual energy, to direct it with intention you will find it so much easier to step into your unique calling with ease. 

So what does this mean in practical terms and how can you use this? 

There are a couple of things that we need to do to widen the conduit of spiritual energy and direct our energy with will and intention to create the things that we want in our lives and in the world:

  1. Spend more time connecting with our higher power by fostering our connection and personal understanding of what our higher power is. 
  2. Still the mind. Meditation is a great tool to do this, you need to be able to get out of your head, get into your body, get still, and really allow intuition to come up, allow your spirit guides to speak to you, allow your higher power to speak to you. I believe that our meditation practice is essential to claiming your calling because you need to get your mind still so that you can open the conduit for that spiritual energy. 
  3. Cleanse and balance your chakras and your energy centers. This can be done through Reiki, meditation, and many different techniques that will help you open that conduit wider and channel a lot more spiritual energy and direct it with that intention and will towards what you want.
  4. Other tools such as crystal grids can be a great way to get energized. 
  5. Movement and chanting can also be very helpful in raising the amount of energy available to you and the amount of energy flowing. 

When you’ve done this inner work first, then you’re embodying your calling, you’re starting to embody the energy of the change that you want to create in the world. And at that point, when you can embody the energy of it, then you start to move into action.


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