June 21

Ep 21: Why suppressing your emotions is sabotaging your manifestation


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The inspiration for this week’s episode was taken from a book that I read on manifestation and energy, and I have to say it inspired me on what NOT to do. This book encouraged you to compartmentalize your emotions, a bunch of emotions in a negative bucket and a bunch of emotions in a positive bucket. It then went on to say that when we experience these ‘negative’ emotions such as anger, we shouldn’t express them, instead, we just need to release them. So let’s take a closer look at why it’s important that we don’t adopt this mindset.

Suppressing our emotions sets us up for psychological damage

We are capable of, and should experience all of our emotions for a very good reason. Just because you express anger doesn’t mean that you will manifest something you don’t want or stop your manifestation in its tracks. In fact, if we pretend that these emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, etc are ‘undesirable’ and we refuse to express them, all we are doing is bottling them up leading to a huge drain on our energy, relationships, and communication.

Duality is a broken system

The idea of duality is an illusion because we are all part of one universal consciousness. However, how can we really know ourselves without duality? Without dark how do we know light, without bad how do we know good? We need these opposites to describe and understand the world around us. So it makes sense that we use duality to conceptualize, but it’s important to remember that both good and bad are part of the larger consciousness at work. Duality really doesn’t exist in nature or energy. So to say that experiencing negative emotions will sabotage our manifestation is to not truly understand the nature of energy.

Energy is in constant flow

Quantum mechanics teaches us that energy travels in waves, that fluctuation between high and low is how our solar plexus center creates our experience of emotions. Our emotions are energy, and energy is our emotion meaning just as energy flows so do our emotions. Trying to block the flow of our emotion and suppress certain feelings because they are ‘bad’ works against the fundamental nature of energy.

By compartmentalizing we are feeding the belief that we are not worthy to receive

I often see people struggling to manifest because they are holding onto the false belief that they are not worthy to receive. When we believe that our negative emotions stop us from manifesting we carry the idea that we are not inherently worthy and so must prove our worth by purging all of the ‘bad’ in us (anger, sadness, fear…). To deny these emotions is to deny a huge part of our human experience, to learn and grow, and to discover how we can be more loving to people (even when they are pissing us off).

Here’s the truth of it, you don’t need to purge the negative emotions to prove your worth because you are inherently worthy as you are. 

So how do we feel our emotions in a healthy way without sabotaging our manifestation?

Feel the emotion don’t be the emotion:

I want you to stop thinking of certain emotions as ‘bad’ and ‘good’ but instead think of them as different states of feeling that don’t impact who you are at your core. There is a difference between feeling angry and being angry and becoming an angry person. 

For example, when I’m feeling angry, I could allow that anger to keep my attention focused on it, and by entertaining this I will inevitably become angry, which will affect the way that I am calibrating my spiritual energy that is being channeled towards my manifestations. By consistently returning to that anger it becomes my state of being.

Or I can feel my anger and express it in the moment. By doing this there is nothing that’s going to negatively affect my ability to manifest what I desire because I am still acting from the core of who I am and not wallowing in my anger and allowing it to become a part of me. I feel it and I move on from it.

If you are being a loving person at your core and are focusing on manifesting for the greater good (yourself included), you are not dwelling on these ‘bad’ emotions and are not allowing them to become a part of your identity. You’re staying rooted in your state of being and allowing yourself to feel one moment of anger that will in no way create a sudden change in your ability to manifest.

Communicate your feelings:

If you’re allowing certain behavior that doesn’t feel good to you and you’re not communicating the problem for fear of sabotaging your manifestation, I want to remind you that communicating your feelings is part of having healthy boundaries. It’s okay to tell someone how you would like to be treated and it’s okay to not put up with certain behavior. Communicating your emotions is not going to impact your ability to come from a place of compassion, love, and connection to the divine.

It is part of the human experience to embrace our emotions and express them. You can feel anger while remaining in connection with the core of your being and what you desire. Feel your anger, your sadness, your fear, express it and move on to take the action you need to get that out of your system and return to that place of love, compassion, grace and connection to source. 


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