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Ep.22: The New Age of Spirituality and Consciousness


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If you’ve been listening in to the new age of spirituality you’ll have most likely heard about the coming evolution of spirituality and consciousness that we’re undergoing as a species. So today I want to dive into some really big topics around what exactly this great awakening is.

A lot of us are working to learn, anchor into, and embody the energy template of that coming change, but what does this really mean? What energy are we embodying? And what are we striving towards? 

What we’re really talking about in this ‘great awakening’ is Power Over VS. Power From Within which was a term that I first encountered when reading Dreaming The Dark by Starhawk, a book about sex, politics, and religion. 

Starhawk explains Power Over as being the herald of modern patriarchy and how this system controls the population. It’s this controlling, manipulative power that is exerted by certain people over others that we’re experiencing in the world right now.

In contrast to this, Power From Within occurs when we embody our own inner power and we begin to chart our own course without the need for dictation or direction from others.

Now when we look at shifting our attention to the Power From Within it could be argued that without religion there will be no morality, which is something that I’d like to dispute. I believe that although there is a balance of destructive and creative impulses in nature, our collective underlying tendency is to do good and that morality really is a part of this Power From Within.

When we consider morality as a written set of rules that dictate whether we are good or bad our morality is based on dogma, whereas when we harness our Power From Within we are learning to develop our own moral compass. 

As we evolve and our understanding of how our actions impact other people evolves, our moral compass grows stronger and guides us in the right direction. This process is a huge part of the coming evolution and really embodying the Power From Within. 

We can see evidence of different powers and impulses throughout human history. The first period of human existence was governed by feminine energy, a time of flow, softness, art, domestic skills, agriculture, and goddess worship. Since then we have made a shift into a very masculine energy which has brought with it some great human evolution through science and technology. 

The problem is that without the balance of feminine energy, masculine can be restrictive, structured, rigid, and logical. Without the balance of masculine energy the feminine can be without structure and indirect.

What we are really seeking is the balance of both energies and this is the period of human history that we are in the middle of right now. This is the period blending a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies. With each person being governed by their own moral compass and working from their own inner power we will see a lot of the things that aren’t working in our current society fall away, such as consumerism, fear-based marketing, and waste.

Through this human history, we can see that the process of realizing our own moral compass and inner capabilities is one of remembrance as opposed to a new skill that we must learn. It’s an awakening to a deep remembrance of what is inside each and every one of us, of what we can do, and what we are capable of. 

In many ways, human design is a step in this remembrance as we rediscover all of the things that make us unique and different. It is this realization that our own powerful assets and beautiful gifts that make us wonderfully individual.

It is this process that moves us forward toward being our authentic selves, shifting us into our power, developing our moral compass, and being able to stand against the current power of conformity into a life of limitless freedom, peace, and love.

Now if we’re looking at the reality of living in a world where the dominant power is that from within what realistically would that look like? And this starts with an important question:

If you had total freedom today would you know what to do with it?

If there were infinite possibilities of what you could do with your life at this moment, would you be ready for it?

Let’s picture this, we’re living in a society where consumerism has been tamed because we’re no longer driven by fear to buy things we don’t need, money is no longer a necessity to put a roof over our heads or food in our bellies. This leaves room for a fear factor of what then is society motivated by.

With this shift of power comes a shift in consumerism as we stop allowing fear to drive our behaviors. The whole dynamic of the world will undergo a radical change and although this is extremely positive, I believe that many of us living today are not quite ready for this vast change.

We have lived under the direction of Power Over for so long that our lives have been shaped by people telling us who we need to be, where we need to go, and what we need to do. In our ‘great awakening’ there will be a huge transition period and for this to happen there needs to be support in place, to teach people how to engage with this newfound freedom. 

This support comes through those who have already started doing the work of embodying the Power From Within and having this remembrance.

It is my intention through my work to be here as a guide and facilitator of both this remembering and to help people through that transition. Once you have that limitless freedom, how are you going to use it? What are you going to do with it? How are you going to build your new life in that space? 

This is what I hope that my work brings to each and every person who remembers who they truly are and what their true power and capability is.

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