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Ep.23: How to stop accepting that “it is the way it is”


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If you’ve already listened to episode 19 on the Answer your Unique Calling Podcast “Let’s talk about manifesting money” you’ll remember the 3 myths of money and scarcity. Well, today I want to go deeper into Money Myth number 3: ‘It’s just the way it is’ because this is a HUGE mindset block that affects not only your ability to manifest money but also your ability to harness, recognize, and use your power as an individual.

If you haven’t listened to Ep.19 “Let’s talk about manifesting money” you can do so HERE.

It’s important to remember that your individual drive to create change affects those around you and your local environment, which in turn, affects the larger societal changes that we are then directed to live by. Accepting the myth that ‘it is the way it is’ is how we create a society that accepts some people will just go hungry, that women can’t control their own bodies, and that guns belong everywhere… 

It’s time to stop accepting it, taking it, and buying into bullshit myths! If you’re not happy with the way the world is going, read on… let’s talk SOLUTIONS!

But first I want to give you a few examples of how buying into the idea that ‘it is the way it is’ can have some scary implications:

The Media Encourages Passivity:

We have a huge problem with people not voting in the US largely due to the media perpetuating the myth that ‘it is the way it is’. Whether intentional or not the media creates a narrative about the way things are and every person who doesn’t challenge, question, or practice mindfulness when consuming media gives this myth more power and influence.

What if when we heard “The Republicans are set to win the vote” this lit a fire beneath us to get out there and adjust the course of our reality, instead of accepting that we have no power for change and simply running the course?

The media might be telling you one thing, but if you don’t like it go out there and choose differently! Vote in the midterms, speak about politics and question the things you are being told.

People lose confidence in the small changes:

Have you ever heard someone say “I don’t even bother voting because I’d only be choosing the lesser of 2 evils” … yep me too!

My response to this is, if one is less evil than the other why not choose it? Why not make our job a little easier, and take a small step in the right direction?

If we’re going to change the world for the better let’s not give the worst of 2 evils more power. Like anything in life, small incremental positive choices have BIG impacts in the long run.

We Accept Things We Don’t Have to:

I’m sure you’ve heard the media chatter about the impending inflation and recession to ensue. The immediate instinct is panic, it’s doom, gloom, and hopelessness, our future is marked for us.

But what if it’s not? What if small business owners were able to look at the economy as booming, to live through the recession tapping into their inner authority? 

This can only happen when we reject the myth of ‘that’s just the way it is’, question the reality we are being given, and realize our power to change it.

No one person is too small to create change

It might seem small… a little tweak in reality but you have to understand the impact that a single person can have.

Take Mother Teresa for example, she dedicated her life to service, and although each step may have seemed small, she changed the reality of so many. She inspired other people to follow the same path through small acts of charity, support, and sacrifice.

So what is the solution to these myths of scarcity and passivity? SUFFICIENCY.

What I mean by sufficiency is the knowledge that we have the resources to make a change and have an impact, it’s about having and giving people the power to change their own reality and tap into their sufficiency to solve their own problems. 

It is the role of soul service providers to step up and help people tap into and unlock their own power from within, to look at all of their skills, abilities, and resources and apply them not only to make their own lives better, but to co-create a better world by inspiring others to do the same.

It’s about learning to implement the change that you CAN wield, that you can do today, and that you can do yourself. Finding the source of your own sufficiency will equip you with an endless pool of power because each time you are faced with a roadblock all you need to do is tap into your sufficiency and ask:

  • What do I have? 
  • What do I know? 
  • What can I learn 
  • What is my power?
  • How can I solve this problem? 
  • How can I use that to make an impact in the world?

Apply these questions to your current reality:

  • Are you voting in your local elections?
  • Is there help that you can offer in your local town?
  • How can you support a friend?
  • How can you pool your resources?

What I’m talking about here is having the guts to stand up and say no, that’s not the way it is. It’s about tapping into your sufficiency to find solutions and make a change. It’s working at the micro level to create ripples that turn into tidal waves. 

I hope that this inspires you to question the reality you are being presented with. Don’t be afraid to stand up and say that’s not the way it is. You can be a catalyst for great change.


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