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The problem with human design is in the approach


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You’ve read a lot about human design and you’re skeptical. Or maybe you’ve had a human design reading with someone and found it doesn’t work for you. Most of the time, the problem with human design is in the approach that people take towards it.

There are some human design coaches out there that aren’t really taking the most empowered approach to human design. They treat human design as a distillation of who you are and are not. They focus on the things that aren’t in your chart and speak in absolutes about what you should or shouldn’t do.

The truth is human design should feel empowering. It should help you find places where you’re doing things for the wrong reasons. It should point out where you’re compromising your values or being inauthentic. It should give you inspiration to try new ways of doing and being.

Human design isn’t a set of rules

Some people like rules. They don’t like ambiguity or don’t know what to do without a checklist. Unfortunately, sometimes they’re human design readers who condense human design into a list of dos and do nots for their clients to follow. They often talk about the things that aren’t in your chart and how you need to do things a certain way. This is a tell that they don’t really have a grasp of human design.

Human design is a system of archetypes just like tarot or astrology. Every person can and will experience all of the archetypes in the human design system. Their design may influence how they experience certain archetypes or how often, but every archetype in the human design chart is available to every person.

When you view human design through this lens, it becomes clear that human design is a tool for gaining greater self-awareness just like the tarot or astrology. You can gain a great deal of self-discovery with human design, but it requires work. It also requires awareness.

Human design works best, when we take the time to reflect on our life experiences and relate them to the archetypes of human design. When it is presented as a list of rules, human design loses much of its impact.

Human design is meant to be experienced

Another issue that occurs with human design is that people try to understand it intellectually. Human design is a complicated system with many archetypes. This leads people to trying to understand it all with their mind. But human design tells us that the mind isn’t the authority. This is part of the problem with human design.

The density of the materials of human design leads people to try to understand it through the intellect. This leads them to understand human design in a rigid way. But that was never the intention behind human design. There’s also a strong somatic element to human design. You should feel some of these archetypes in your body. Strategy and authority are both felt in the body, not analyzed by the mind. It’s supposed to be experienced. There should be an experiment to living your design.

This means that we work to understand human design in the moment through experience. Are you a generator with a grand new idea? Try initiating it. See how it works out. Do some work better than others? What’s the difference? Maybe you responded to something without thinking about it. Or maybe you find that you’re able to initiate for certain types of things. This is experimenting with your design.

It’s a reflective and contemplative practice. As you experience life, what archetypes from human design do you recognize? What are the lessons those archetypes have for you? What do they say about who you’re being in this moment? Personally, I recommend a journaling practice to truly integrate the archetypes of human design into your lived experience.

So, the problem with human design is that people try to use it as a quick fix.

It’s obvious that getting the most out of human design really requires a fair amount of work. One of the reasons psychics are so popular is that people are often looking for an instant solution. They want someone to tell them what to do. The problem with human design is that people try to use it to tell them what to do in any given situation. That ultimately doesn’t serve you though. The best spiritual tools are the ones that teach you how to rely on your own sufficiency and your own ability to find answers for yourself. When used properly, human design is just such a tool!

The problem with human design is that it’s a complex tool often used without really understanding the intention behind it. This leads to human design coaches and readers that focus too narrowly on a small set of the archetypes of human design and create limits for the clients.

You can avoid the problem with human design by being aware of the true intention behind human design. This way you can avoid human design readings or coaches that want to use human design to tell you what to do. You can also begin to deepen your own lived understanding of human design through reflecting on your experiences and what the archetypes of human design have to teach you. Most of all, remember human design should be liberating, not limiting.

You can learn more about my human design offerings and how my approach to human design avoids the problem with human design. Schedule a session and experience for yourself what an empowering tool human design can be.


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