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Ep.24: 5 Transformational Lessons in Human Design


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Human Design relates to much of what I do as a Spiritual Coach and teacher and I think it’s about time we dive into what human design actually is, what it can teach us and how we can use it to help us live more authentic, fulfilling lives.

What is Human Design:

Discovered by a man named Alan Krakower (under the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu) after the event of a supernova, human design is a system that uses astrology, Kabbalah, the I Ching, and the chakra system to explain the energetic blueprint of your physical form. It’s the circuitry of your energetic body and helps you understand how you’re wired at an energetic level. 

Similar to astrological birth charts, the human design system is based on your birth date, time, and place, using the placement of the planets at your time of birth to determine your Human Design body graph. 

What does Human Design teach us?

To discover our authentic energy:

One of the great things about human design is that it gets us in touch with our most aligned energy, the authentic expression of that energy, and when we’re being misled by conditioning.

Conditioning is anything that pulls us away from our authentic expression. We can experience this from the way that we were raised by our parents, to the imposed ideas, habits, and beliefs that were learned in childhood, to social class and even our race.

Human design helps us to release this conditioning, tune into who we are at our core, and teaches us how we can show up in an authentic way.

Divine Timing:

Human Design helps us choose our actions in alignment with divine and optimal timing for success. This supports us in manifesting and building the life we want, using the mechanisms that human design gives us in the form of strategy and authority. 

It shows us our personal narrative:

Each of us has a personal narrative or story about ourselves, the world, and how we operate in it. Now, when we’re considering the optimum way that we can be within the world for our highest good, the possibilities that are available to us heavily rely on our personal narrative.

If you have a narrow personal story and restrict your field of possibilities by only believing certain things are possible for you, you are opening yourself up to far fewer possibilities than if your personal narrative is telling you that anything is possible.

The truth is that any reality is possible for you, the only thing sitting between you and that reality is your narrative.

So human design can help us become aware of that personal narrative, and gives us tools to begin rewriting it into something more expansive. Once that narrative becomes more expansive, suddenly, a much wider array of possibilities out in the quantum field becomes available to us. 

It answers all the important questions:

Human design answers all the important questions: When? Where? What? Why? Allow me to explain…

Our strategy and authority help us decide on the what and when of our decision-making in each unique situation by helping us to filter through the different options available and find the most aligned for us. 

The profile of our design, which deals mostly with personal karma asks questions such as:

What is our personal Karma in this lifetime? 

What are the lessons that we’re here to learn? 

How are we meant to learn those lessons? 

To celebrate our uniqueness

Human design has a beautiful way of celebrating the fact that we are all different and unique. In this day and age, it can be very alluring to conform to what we see others doing online. We try to copy it and model our life around it. Particularly as soulpreneurs or spirituality-based business owners.

Human design reminds us that we don’t need to be like the other person because our unique abilities are a gift, and by leveraging that we can build our own success in business by simply being us. Your uniqueness is not a defect. It’s a superpower. 

This is what Human Design is NOT

Human Design is not a set of dogmatic rules that you must follow. Karen, Carrie Parker, the creator of quantum human design, says, “You are all of the chart”, meaning that we all have access to the full scope of archetypes regardless of our design.

Archetypes are a branch of psychology invented by Carl Jung that speak on the idea of collective consciousness, that certain themes in imagination, mythology, and dreams recur for all of us. Archetypal forces represent these repeating themes and are interwoven in the collective consciousness of humankind. And so, human design is just a series of archetypes. 

Karen describes that each of us has access to all of those archetypes and shared wisdom regardless of our design. 

So my point here is that your human design will not tell you what you are, or what you’re not, but it is a tool for you to understand yourself better. This is why we cannot approach human design with the expectation that once we study it and learn a set of rules, our life will suddenly be perfect. It is far more complex than this and should be experimented with.

Ra Uru Hu himself stated that “it was an experiment of living your design” meaning your design chart is a tool for self-discovery. It’s there to be played with, to find out what works for you. So if you’re feeling restricted by the characteristics of your Type then know that you have the freedom to experiment and try things a new way.

Finding your human design can be a wonderful tool but it’s not a guidebook that’s going to tell you what to do with your life or how to fix it. It’s simply another tool to help you discover your most authentic core self and all the beautiful, wonderful, unique things about yourself. 

You can learn more about human design by booking a consultation with me. I offer Foundation, Life Purpose, and Business readings.

Our next episode on the Answer Your Unique Calling Podcast will be celebrating the 1st anniversary! And I’m making it a special one.

I’m going to be addressing your questions on human design so if this episode has intrigued you, or you have a specific question about human design you can ask me below:


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