August 16

Ep 25: Can my human design be wrong?


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This week I hand the mic over to you and answer questions you sent me via social media or DMs. And boy, was I given some juicy topics to dive into! 

If you have questions you’d like me to answer, simply post them in the comments below or message me here or on social media. 

Right, let’s dive in! I’ve chosen two of your questions to share here this week,

Can my Human Design be wrong?

What centers are involved in attracting money?

I think you can see why I love these questions so much, they are super interesting and juicy topics, so let’s get stuck into the first question,

Can my Human Design be wrong?

So most likely the reason people are asking me, can my Human Design be wrong? Is that they’ve they have received a human design reading but it doesn’t resonate, and there are a few reasons this could be. 

So let’s unpack the main reasons why your Human Design reading might not resonate with you.

Inaccurate birth details

First of all, yes, your reading could be wrong. If the birth information used to calculate your chart was incorrect then your reading will be inaccurate.

Make sure you have the right date, time and place because if your birth date is off by a few hours this can result in a shift in your design reading which could mean that you are looking at the wrong design type.

Part of your design is defined in the unconscious portion of your design. 

So for instance, I have an emotional authority and my solar plexus is unconsciously defined, so it takes a little more effort for me to get in touch with my emotional wave because it’s a little less conscious. It’s a little less front and center for me. 

And so if you have aspects of your design that are defined in the unconscious areas, it’s gonna take more work for you to tune into it. On a very surface, conscious level, your reading may not immediately resonate for you, and it would take digging a little deeper for you to be able to see where the dots join.

You’re listening to the wrong people. 

If the person feeding you information about your reading is coming from a very ‘head’ approach and focussing on rules, things you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ do, this can feel very limiting, restricting and frankly confusing. This approach often leaves people feeling disempowered and repulsed by their Human Design, leading to thoughts like,

“Who says I have to sleep for 10 hours a night, and never ask for anything?”.

An approach that works far better for people is to first help them connect to how their Human Design feels in their body and work from that place of connection. From here, experimentation can be introduced, because, after all, there are no hard and fast rules. Yes. Your strategy is there to help you align your actions to divine timing, but if you don’t want to follow your strategy, if you want to try something different, try it, and compare the results.

You will find that human design brings you more benefit when you feel into it than when you just remotely follow a set of mental rules. 

What centers are involved in attracting money?

So this is a great question! And the short answer is all of them.

Let me explain. All of our centers, particularly our openness lead to conditioning, and conditioning around money is an important aspect of how we treat money, how we feel about money, and how we manifest and use money. Our money story also incorporates attitudes, beliefs and thoughts about money that we received from our parents.

When we were growing up, we were heavily influenced by how our parents treated and reacted to money, and so, our openness in any of our centers is going to heavily influence that. But more than that, there’s the splenic center with its survival fears, the root center with its pressure and its stress, and I could go on!

But if you want to focus on centers and decondition centers that have the most impact on your money, I recommend you focus on the following three, 

The root center. 

Many of us experience a great deal of pressure and stress around money. We feel like there’s not enough money in the time that we need it, that money’s not arriving on time, we’ve got deadlines for bills and rent and different things that need paying by a certain time. And so we receive a lot of conditioning in our root center around this idea of timeliness of money.

And if we want to learn to trust in source to bring money to us, if we want to learn to believe and trust in our ability to manifest our needs, the first thing we need to do is some energetic healing and deconditioning in this area. Because that stress and pressure lead us to doubt. It leads us to take frantic action that is counterproductive and is sending the message to the universe that we don’t trust or believe in our ability to source money or manifest money. So the root center is one of the first places where I would begin working on the process of deconditioning and getting out of that stress mode.

The second center I would work on is the spleen.

The splenic center is the source of our survival intuition. And what that means is that the spleen creates pulses of intuition that are intended to keep us safe, to help us survive. In its obsession with the idea of survival, the splenic center asks questions like,

‘What do we need to do to be, to be safe, to be secure, to be stable?’ 

Some of these fears don’t seem like they’re tied to survival, but in our evolutionary past, we were very tied to them. So, for instance, 

the fear of failure, 

the fear of the future, 

the fear of rejection. 

These are all core fears living in the splenic center that can drive our ability or inability to manifest money in a timely way. And money is very tied to security and survival. If we can’t pay the rent if we can’t buy food, how do we survive? And so, to experience more ease, flow and freedom around money, the splenic center needs deconditioning.

And finally, the heart center. 

The heart center is tied to our worthiness, our sense of worth. If we want to believe that we have a divine right to be here and to manifest in the world, then we need to work on our sense of worthiness. We have to feel worthy of that divine right. We have to feel worthy of being here, worthy of receiving what we desire, and we have to feel worthy of the price that we ask for our services.

So while all of our centers lead to conditioning around money, I suggest you focus first on the root, the spleen and the heart center.

I think you’ll agree with me that these were two brilliant questions about how Human Design works! If you have a burning question, I’d love to hear it and answer it here on the blog. Simply shoot me a DM or message me here, or on social media.

If you’re ready to begin exploring your human design, check out my human design services including readings and human design coaching.

Till next time,

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