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5 ways to attract money in abundance


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There’s currently a lot of uncertainty around money in the world. Inflation has been high for some time and there’s been a lot of talk of a recession. But you don’t need to worry. There’s a lot you can do to make sure your needs are met and that you even get a lot of what you desire. Here are 5 ways to attract money in abundance.

1. Bring awareness to your personal narrative about money

Each of us has a personal narrative but often we’re not fully aware of its contents. Your personal narrative is the story that you tell yourself about the world and how things work. It’s the self-talk you constantly give yourself. You know, the voice in your head that sometimes tells you to worry about things or that you’re not good enough.

In your personal narrative, there are a lot of beliefs and thoughts about money. Some of them you created from your life experiences. Many of them you picked up from other people–your parents, friends, bosses and more.

The first thing you need to do if you want to attract money in abundance is really explore your persona narrative. You could even call this your “money story” because it’s the story you’ve written about money.

Journalling is a wonderful way to explore your money story. Write down everything you can remember about growing up. What did your parents say about money? How did they feel about it? Did they argue about it? Next, start to explore your own attitudes about money. How do you feel when you have to spend money? How do you feel when you receive a bill? Do you stress about money? Write it all down.

This is your money story. You task is to work on rewriting your money story so that it works for you instead of against you.

2. Overcome the stress response around money and timing

Let’s face it. Money can be really stressful. There always seems to be a deadline that you’re trying to meet with your money. Worry and anxiety over money can overtime lead to an imbalance in our nervous system and our root chakra. You can’t stay in the flow and attract money in abundance when you’re freaking out about whether or not you’ll be able to pay a bill on time.

To attract money more easily, you’ll need to get out of your stress response. You can use meditation, breathwork and energy healing to help realign your nervous system and your root chakra. Once you get back into balance, you’ll be able to face money calmly and with trust in the Infinite Intelligence of the universe.

3. Understand the nature of money and reality

It you want to utilize spirituality to attract money in abundance, you’ll need to understand money and reality from a spiritual perspective. While a detailed explanation would take a whole book (literally! There are multiple books on the subject.), here are a few of the main points.

Money is energy

The first thing you should understand is that everything in our world is just energy. Science has shown that physical matter is mostly empty space and quantum physics has gone even further to show that everything consists of energy.

As a result, money is just energy. Money represents the energy of our work, the energy of the things we buy, and the energy we put out into the world. If we want to attract more money, we just need to embody the right energy. If we put the right energy out into the world, it will return to us as energy.

You create your own reality

Quantum physics has made a lot of startling discoveries. The biggest one is that there really isn’t one objective reality. The quantum field is full of all possibilities and when we observe a particular thing, the possibility we were looking at snaps into reality. We just need our observer to look at the right possibilities.

And who is this observer? It’s our own higher self. When you notice what you’re thinking, how’s doing the noticing? That’s your observer. If you observer focuses on observing the right things, you create them. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality. If you want to experience something different, you need to think differently.

The present moment is where you have the most power

One of the reasons that we need to deal with our stress response to money is that it pulls us out of the current moment. When we’re focused on the future or the past, we lose our power to do anything. You cannot take action in the past or the future. Now is the only moment in which you have any power to do anything. To attract money in abundance, you need to stay grounded in the present moment.

4. Stay connected to Source energy to attract money

Source energy is the energy of your higher power. What you call your higher power doesn’t matter. What matters if you want to attract money is that you develop a connection with Source (higher power).

All energy in the universe comes from Source. Money is energy. That means all money comes from Source. When you worry about being able to pay a bill or get out of the present moment, you disconnect from Source. To attract money more easily, take time to maintain your connection to Source. Some ways you can that include meditation, prayer, spending time in nature, and doing good in the world.

5. Practice gratitude

One of the best ways to attract money is to practice gratitude. Gratitude signals to Source that you’re aware of what you’ve received. Being grateful for it opens a channel to receive more. No one likes to give to an ungrateful person.

Gratitude also helps you connect to your inner sense of enough. What is enough? Are your needs met? When you connect to your sense of enough and practice gratitude, you move out of scarcity consciousness. People who are constantly grasping for more rather than appreciating what they have are operating in a scarcity mindset. Nothing will block the flow of money more than a scarcity mindset.

Bonus: Don’t forget to outflow energy

I’ve given you 5 ways to attract money in abundance but here’s one more really powerful tool you can use to attract money. Don’t forget to outflow your energy. Outflowing is the process of putting energy back out into the universe to attract more.

Outflowing can include giving part of your money to charitable causes or it can be using your energy to help in other ways. Unfortunately, most people stop giving when money is tight. That cuts off the flow of money! There’s no particular amount you need to give or offer, as long as you’re outflowing part of your energy.

Don’t forget, as you attract money, you’ll want the amount you outflow to grow in proportion.

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Money can really create limits for you. It’s very difficult to answer your spiritual calling, tap into limitless possibilities, enjoy freedom. or create the biggest impact when you’re struggling with money. I’ve created some other content to help you give your money mindset a tune-up. You can check in on your relationship with money, discover how to better manifest money, or learn how you may be sabotaging your manifestation. Or if you need something else, checkout out all of my content about money and abundance.


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