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5 ways to stop worrying about money and attract more of it


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If you’re like a lot of people, you probably spend a lot of time worrying about money. Everyone experiences worry differently. Perhaps you feel afraid or anxious when looking at your bank balance. Or you feel knots in your stomach when a new bill comes in.

Regardless of how it feels when you’re worrying about money, the result is the same. You spend time hoping that your money will stretch to payday or fearful that you won’t be able to pay something.

The issue with worrying about money is that it sets up a vibration in the quantum field that pushes money away. Worrying about money signals to the quantum field that you don’t believe that you deserve money or that you don’t think there’s enough to go around.

Wouldn’t you rather be actively attracting money so you could stop worrying about it and enjoy life more? Here are 5 tools you can use to stop worrying about money and begin attracting more of it.

Explore the beliefs behind worrying about money

You create the reality you experience through your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Sometimes identifying all of your limiting beliefs can be tricky. But it’s important because your beliefs create signals to the quantum field about what kind of reality you want to create. If you really want to see what your limiting beliefs are, look at no further than the reality you’re living!

A simple way to uncover your limiting beliefs about money is to write out your money story. In your journal write down everything you think and feel about money. Write down what your parents said about money. Don’t forget to write out what your parents did about money. Often people say one thing and do another. Actions often give away the limiting beliefs under them.

Once you’ve written your money story, read through it several times and see if you find any surprises. Look for strong beliefs around money. Once clue is anything that seems like an absolute is probably a belief you hold. Watch for words like “always” and “never”. These are often signs that the statement is a limiting belief.

Use Positive Affirmations

Once you’ve uncovered those limiting beliefs, how do you start to reprogram them so you can stop worrying about money and start enjoying life more? Positive affirmations can be a powerful tool for reprogramming limiting beliefs. To create a positive affirmation that will reprogram a limiting belief, follow these easy steps.

Reframe the belief

Examine the belief that you want to reprogram. How can you reframe it to make it more positive? What might be the opposite of the belief? For example, if your belief is “There’s never enough money to pay everything between paychecks”. You might reframe it as “I have plenty of money to pay all my bills and have money left over until my next paycheck”. That’s reframing the belief in a more positive light.

Positive affirmations should focus on what you’re creating

When creating your affirmations, you want them to be positive. Focus on what you want in your life, not what you don’t want. Focusing your affirmations on something you don’t want, actually attracts more of it. This is because you’re thinking about the very thing you don’t want. Rather than an affirmation like, “I don’t run out of money before my next paycheck”, try: “I have plenty of extra money between paychecks.” See the difference?

The best affirmations are written in the present

When is tomorrow? That’s a hard question to answer, right? That’s because our concept of time is simply a construct that we use. Time itself isn’t linear.

That means that the only moment in which we have any power to make change is now. The present moment is where we have all of our power. To maximize your positive affirmations, don’t make them about some future state. Claim what you want to manifest, now. Speak your affirmations as if they’ve already happened. Describe what you want as if you have it now. It helps if you can feel like you already have the thing as you’re saying your affirmations.

Visualize enjoying greater prosperity

In addition to affirmation, visualization is another tool that I’ve found can be very powerful in shifting your reality. Visualization is exactly what it sounds like. This is a process where you picture yourself already having and enjoying what you desire to attract. Spend a few minutes throughout your day, picturing yourself in your mind’s eye having and enjoying what you wish to attract, and you’ll find that you begin to experience it.

Here’s the weird trick to visualization. There was a study where one group practiced playing the piano every day and another group just imagining themselves playing the piano every day. At the end of the study, both groups improved their ability to play the piano by the same amount.

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what you imagine in vivid detail and what you experience. Imaging yourself having your desires n vivid detail causes your thoughts and feelings to attract that potential from the quantum field.

Celebrate the financial success of others

What does celebrating the financial success of others have to do with worrying about money? I’m glad you asked. When you feel envious or jealous of what someone else has or is experiencing, you’re telling the quantum field that you don’t have it. And the energy of the quantum field creates that reality for you.

When you celebrate what someone else has, has achieved, or experienced (and it’s sincere), you’re signaling to the quantum field that your belief that they deserved their desires and that you do too. You’re celebrating instead of being jealous or envious because you believe that you can have it too. The quantum field responds to that energy by moving the potential of that reality towards you. You actually attract the thing you’re celebrating someone else having.

Recognize your own prosperity

I understand why this one may seem stupid at first. If you’re worrying about money, how are you supposed to recognize your own prosperity? That’s exactly why you need to do this!

Take a few minutes each day to recognize the prosperity you’ve created so far. You can also think of this as a gratitude practice but focused more narrowly on your prosperity and money. No matter what your financial situation is, you have experienced some level of prosperity. It could be that you received an unexpected refund. Or even that a friend bought you dinner. All of these seemingly small things are a form of prosperity.

When you take the time to acknowledge prosperity and money you’ve already attracted, you’ll begin to attract more. As you practice recognizing your prosperity each day, you’ll find that your prosperity has grown. You may also notice that you had more than you thought in the first place. You just couldn’t see if for all that worrying about money you were doing.

There are many more tools you can use to stop worrying about money, but these should get you started. Practice these regularly because a lot of the things that are limiting your money are multi-layered. You’ll want to continually work to hone your skills at attracting what you desire into your reality. As you peel back layer by layer, you’ll begin to attract more and more of what you want to create.


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