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How giving raises your money energy


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Most of us try to be generous with our resources. But let’s be honest for a minute. Whenever it feels like money is tight, we tend to reign in our giving. Charitable giving, in particular, is usually the first thing we cut when we think that there isn’t enough money. If that’s you, you’re not alone. During recessions or other difficult financial times, charitable giving declines across the board.

But that could be a mistake. Giving is an important spiritual concept that raises your money energy. If you want to attract money consistently and easily, pay plenty of attention to your giving. Let’s break down why this works and how you can leverage it to attract more money.

Everything is energy

Through quantum physics our understanding of the nature of the universe has been radically changed. In the old Newtonian physics that most of us learned in school, everything is made of atoms. As a result of this view of the universe, we believed that matter was made out of smaller pieces of matter.

When quantum physics came along that view was turned upside-down. Quantum physics demonstrates that atoms exist in many places at once. When they’re observed, they snap into a location. The way quantum physics explains this is that atoms can exist as waves or particles. The important part here is the observer.

Who is the observer? If you think about the thoughts you’re having, that’s the observer. It can be expressed as your higher self or your soul. It’s the ultimate observer.

In quantum physics, everything is made of waves of energy and when we observe these waves of energy, they take form. Everything is energy. Which means money is energy too!

Energy constantly moves between potential and form

Everything is energy and that energy is constantly moving in waves. These waves are waves of potential. We call them waves of potential because based on the observer, they have the potential to take any form. Once observed, the energy takes the form expected by the observer.

This means that energy constantly moves between potential and form. We create our reality by observing certain potential to move into form. When we stop observing, the energy moves back to potential and the cycle begins again.

All energy seeks equilibrium

In nature, the is a Law of Equilibrium. What this means is that energy always seeks balance. You can test this theory by pouring hot (more energy) water and cold (less energy) water into a bowl. You end up with warm water because the energy finds an equilibrium. If this law didn’t exist, you’d have a bowl of part hot water and part cold water.

This is true of all energy including money. The energetic system seeks an equilibrium.

Giving causes more money energy to flow

Giving is our way of using the nature of energy to attract more money into our lives. If you’re giving time and money to others, the system needs to balance that out. It needs to find equilibrium. What happens is that your giving leads to energy flowing to you in order to create equilibrium.

The reasons so many people stop giving when money feels tight, is that they think they can’t afford to give. But when it comes to attracting more money into your life, you can’t afford not to give!

There’s actually an old spiritual practice that involves giving in order to attract more money and abundance to you. It’s called tithing.

The truth about tithing

You may have bristled at the mention of tithing. This is because tithing has a somewhat sordid reputation thanks to the way some churches have used it over the years. Let’s explore what tithing is and just as importantly, isn’t.

Tithing is an ancient practice in which people could give a portion of their crops or earnings to charitable causes as an offering to a higher power. Over time, this became giving specifically 10% to a church to support the church’s operation. If we go back to the original practice of tithing, it was simply a portion. And that portion was larger if you have more and smaller if you had less.

That’s because ancient people understood the energetic nature of the universe even before science did. They knew that if you only had a little, you could give a little in order to cause more to come your way. And as the amount that you had grew, you’d want to give more to keep attracting more. They understood the concept of energetic equilibrium.

You can take advantage of this same understanding. If money feels tight for you right now, start with giving with something that feels more comfortable. (It’s always good to stretch a little. Giving should be slightly uncomfortable or you’re not quite doing enough). This could be as small as 1% or a set amount. Give to any charity that resonates with you.

And don’t forget, your giving doesn’t have to be in money. Maybe you volunteer you time or you give your services. The important part is that you start giving something in order to attract more to you. As you begin to have more, increase your giving. Experiment with it. Find the right amount that attracts strong money energy to you while still feeling comfortable enough.


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