August 25

How aligned action moves your manifestation forward


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When you’re blocked in your money manifestation, you may experience times when it feels like the money isn’t going to arrive on time. You may start to feel pressure around a looming deadline or due date for a bill. There’s a tendency to respond to that pressure by taking frantic actions like some kind of inflatable air dancer. These frantic actions may include madly transferring money between accounts, looking for things to sell, or trying to find extra work.

The problem with taking a lot of frantic actions is that they’re not targeted to what will increase your ability to manifest money. Instead, you need to focus on taking aligned action which will ramp up the energy you’re sending out into the quantum field and speed up your manifestation.

The problem with frantic action or no action

What exactly is the problem with frantic action? And if frantic action is bad, what if I just do nothing?

When you’re working to manifest money, often you’re thinking, feeling and embodying energy as if the thing you’re manifesting is already present in your current reality. This is often the part of manifesting that gives people the most challenge. They can see a current reality that contradicts what they’re trying to manifest. How are you supposed to think, feel, and embody the energy of already having the thing you’re manifesting?

When you scramble around taking frantic action because a due date is coming up, you’re acting as if the thing you’re manifesting won’t arrive in time. That’s sending an intention into the quantum field that you won’t have the money. And the quantum field responds by not bringing what you desire into your experienced reality.

When you take no action at all, you’re also not embodying the energy of manifestation. The quantum field wants to participate in a dance or a flow with you. When you take no action but just expect things to manifest, you’re only doing part of the process.

What is aligned action?

Aligned action is the process of taking action that is spiritually and energetically aligned with your manifestation. If you want to manifest a new job but then stay home on your coach for a week, you’re not taking aligned action. Aligned action for manifesting a job might be applying to positions that you feel good about. But often aligned action isn’t quite so literal. Aligned action might mean letting a friend know what you’re looking for. That friend might have a friend who’s hiring for just the thing you’d like. There’s a strong element of learning to listen to your intuition in choosing what an aligned action should be.

Another term for aligned action is “acting in accord”. Acting in accord means that you take some small action as if the manifestation you’re working on has happened. Now that doesn’t mean that if you’re manifesting money, you run out and spend a lot of money you can’t afford to spend. Maybe acting in accord is making a modest donation to your favourite charity. Or making a small luxury purchase.

What makes aligned action so important?

Aligned action is so important because it closes the loop energetically on you manifestation. When you take aligned action, you’re acting as if your manifestation has happened. That’s a powerful energetic signal to the quantum field that you’ve aligned yourself with the energy of what you desire. You’re fully embodying your manifestation. And that triggers it showing up in your life. You respond to the energy of your desire through acting in accord and the quantum field responds with the reality you desire to create.

Next time you feel under the gun financially and start to jump into action, take a step back. Spend some time getting still and centered. Listen to your intuition for an aligned action that you can take instead of mindlessly taking frantic actions.


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