August 25

Never enough money? Don’t you believe it.


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Do you ever find yourself thinking that there’s just never enough money to go around? You may have bought into one of the biggest myths of scarcity without knowing it. Scarcity myths are pretty common, and we see them being repeated all around us. It takes being really vigilant and mindful to keep from adopting a scarcity myth as a false belief.

The idea that there’s never enough of anything is a common scarcity myth. Here’s why it’s a myth, why believing it gets in the way of manifesting your desires, and how to release it.

The #1 Scarcity myth: “There’s never enough”

The biggest scarcity myth is the myth that there isn’t enough. This myth shows up frequently in our popular culture. When politicians don’t want to invest in certain priorities, they claim there’s not enough money to do that. This myth says that our planet isn’t capable of supporting everyone and that even god/dess is limited in what they can supply.

With this myth comes the idea that in order for your needs to be met, someone else has to go without. If there’s not enough to go around, that must mean that for some people to have more, some people have to have less.

Of course, this is a false belief. We create our own reality and that means that we can create a world of plenty. In fact, we already have! The earth is more than capable of supporting everyone. It’s people and their wrong ideas and false beliefs that cause some to do without.

How it impacts your manifestation

When you believe that there’s never enough money, it’s going to hinder your ability to manifest your desires. You might feel ashamed for wanting something because it means someone else can’t have what they desire. This creates unconscious blocks and constriction in your energy and slows down your manifestation.

Believing that there’s never enough money also signals an intent to the quantum field. When you believe this, you signal to the quantum field that you desire to experience not having enough money. The quantum field reacts to your intention. Even though you didn’t really want to manifest lack, you end up not having enough.

Never enough money? Change your perspective.

If you believe that there’s never enough money, you need to shift your perspective. Shifting your perspective to the unlimited abundance of the universe breaks through the scarcity myth. Breaking through the scarcity myth, unlocks your own manifesting powers. It doesn’t come overnight though. Letting go of a belief that there’s never enough money takes time and practice. It also takes vigilance. You have become really mindful of your thoughts and personal narrative. That way you can challenge the thought when you find yourself thinking that there’s never enough money.

One way you can begin to focus on your abundance instead of scarcity is to keep an abundance journal. Each day write down all the good you have in your life. Start noticing what you do have and celebrating it, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. When you shift the focus towards your own abundance, you begin to attract more of it. After focusing on your abundance, you’ll gradually notice that there’s more and more of it. Increasing abundance is a sure sign that you’ve conquered your false belief.

You’ll be surprised how much this simple shift in your perspective changes what you experience in your reality. Instead of thinking that there’s never enough money, you’ll be connected to the energetic vibration of abundance and enough. From that state, you should be able to easily manifest what you desire.


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