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How to trust Source and create abundance


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There’s a common belief that many people hold. It’s a belief that “more is better”. This belief though creates a disconnect between you and Source energy. Here’s some more about this belief and how to lean into trust in order to create abundance in your life.

A scarcity myth debunked

There are a number of false beliefs about money that are commonly held. I like to call these false beliefs scarcity myths. I call them this because together they create the false narrative of scarcity. Scarcity is the idea that there isn’t enough to go around.

Once of the biggest scarcity myths is that “more is better”. This myth encourages people to hoard resources and money because there might not be enough later. Or you might not have enough when you need it. You can see how scarcity myths lead people to belief that they are not capable of creating their reality around abundance and money.

Scarcity myths also cause disconnection from Source energy.

What is Source energy?

What exactly is Source or Source energy? Simply put this is a word I use in place of God/dess or higher power. I use the term Source here because the Divine is the source of all abundance.

But even more than that, we’re all Source ourselves. Source is the great All That Is. It’s everything and everything is Source include you and me.

We’re divine creators and when we buy into scarcity myths or allow ourselves to believe false beliefs, we lose our power to create abundance. We want to be connected to Source and trust in Source that we’ll always be taken care of. We also want to be connected to our own Source energy and aware of our own power to create our reality.

Signs that you’re disconnected from Source

How do you know if you’re connected to Source? When we’re connected to Source, we feel a flow of divine love and calm. Sometimes though, in the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easier to know when we’re disconnected from Source. Here are some sure-fire ways to tell that you’re not connected to Source in the moment.

You’re probably disconnected from source if you’re filling all your time and not making room for meditation and reflection. When we’re so busy it’s almost frantic, we don’t make the time to get still and connect with Source. Maybe it’s time to make some time for your relationship with Source.

Worry and stress, especially around money or security, are sure fire signs that you’ve disconnected from Source. When you’re maintaining your connection to Source, you experience a greater sense of peace and Divine love. You know that Source is taking care of your needs. It also relieves your need to stock up or squirrel things away in case you have a need that isn’t met.

How to strengthen your connection to Source

To strengthen your connection to Source, you need to find time to get still and silent. Meditation is my favourite tool for getting centered enough to feel connected to Source. You don’t need to meditation for hours each day. Just spend a few minutes and set the intention that this time is for your relationship with Source.

If you truly want to create abundance, you need to develop a trust in Source. You need to feel like you know that Source is taking care of you and your needs. One great way to deepen your trust in Source is to begin a journal of all the evidence that Source is looking out for you. Each day in your journal, write down all the time that Source provided you what you needed in the moment. Don’t forget to include the small stuff. Things like finding a parking space close to the door when it was raining are proof that Source is looking out for them. When you take note of that evidence and have gratitude to Source for taking care of you, you start to see more and more evidence. Your trust in Source grows and by trusting Source, you create abundance in your life.

Create abundance by trusting in Source

Scarcity myths such as the belief that “more is better” can disconnect you from Source and sabotage your ability to create abundance. Taking the time to connect with Source and learning to trust that your needs will be met is a powerful antidote to a scarcity mindset. Trust Source and allow Source to create abundance for you.


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