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10 human design podcast episodes


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I've been podcasting for a little over a year. If you've listened to the Answer Your Unique Calling podcast, you know that I often use human design as a way to describe how different energetic systems work. Sometimes, I even talk about human design directly in my podcast. Here is my list of 10 human design podcast episodes you might want to listen to. You can find them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to podcasts. I've also provided you with a handy button that links to the page for the full episode. 

Episode 3: How to write the life story you want

This particular episode isn't specifically about human design. It is about your personal story though. As you know, human design is a powerful tool for helping you to understand the contents of your personal story. In this episode, I focus on storytelling as a cool for not only understanding the patterns in your life but also shifting them. Human design can really help us gain that awareness. I recommend this episode if you're new to the experiment of living your human design.

Episode 5: When you're sold a dream that isn't yours

Spiritual life coach, Jordii Chevalier was my guest on this episode. We talked about a lot of things in this episode around Jordii's journey to answering her calling as a spiritual coach. Jordii talks about conditioning in a lot of ways without directly naming it. Then later in the episode, she mentions discovering human design and really working to understand how she can best operate as a generator.

Episode 6: 3 things you should know about finding your unique calling

If you've noticed that finding your spiritual calling feels more like a journey than a destination, this is the episode for you. I talk a lot about my personal journey to finding and claiming my spiritual calling. Your calling can change as you move through your life and I talk about this as well. I offer an example that I saw in my mother has her kids grew up and she moved into the next phase of life.

I also share some aspects of how human design can affect your journey. In particular, this episode talks about the role of the G center. The openness or definition of the G center can definitely impact how your journey to claim your spiritual calling might unfold. 

Episode 8: Why work is a broken model

Work has been changed considerably by the pandemic. We've also seen workers reclaim their power in the workforce. This episode talks about why the current system of work is broken, especially for the non-sacral types. There's also the Silicon Valley ideal of an entrepreneur which human design demonstrates, doesn't really exist.

Episode 9: How to come home to your spiritual core

The holidays are such an important time for connecting with family and celebrating the return of the sun following the longest night of the solstice. Sometimes though, the stress and anxiety of the holidays can really pull us away from our authentic self. In human design, we call this conditioning. This episode contains tips on what I consider essential practices for returning to your spiritual core and human design is definitely one of them.

Episode 18: Spirituality and Politics

Published just after the leak of the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe, this episode really delves into spirituality and politics. It may seem that the two aren't related, but what happens politically has a huge impact on the work we're doing as spiritual people. That's why I believe we need to vote. It's also why I believe that lasting change and improvement in the world will come from individuals and not politicians or policy. I use human design's grouping of the channels, individual, tribal, and collective, as a model for explaining how spiritual people can begin to change the world.

Episode 24: 5 transformational lessons in human design

If you're new to human design or want a better understanding of what human design is, this is the episode for you. This episode addresses what human design is and how it can help you live a more fulfilling life. Importantly, it also talks about what human design isn't. I'd been seeing some things on social media about human design that was very prescriptive, and rules based. I wanted to make clear in this episode that human design doesn't work that way. There's no checklist for living your design. In fact, living your human design should be an experiment!

Episode 25: Can my human design be wrong?

I took human design questions from my social media followers. This episode I answer several of the questions I received including "Can my human design be wrong?". The other two questions answered in this episode include "What aspects of my human design impact my money and manifestation?" and "How can projectors survive capitalism?".  

Episode 26: How perfectionism holds you back

After a full year of publishing my podcast biweekly, I decided to reflect on what I'd learned in the past year of operating a spiritual business and podcasting. One thing that I'd overcome was a tendency to be a perfectionist to the point that projects weren't even started. I've also learned to really embrace the multi-passionate, multi-tasking nature of the manifesting generator. 

Episode 28: Energetic model of collective change

I expand on the model of creating change I first discussed in episode 18. In this episode, I explore more deeply the operation of energy at the individual, tribal, and collective levels from creating change. 

What would you like to learn about in a future human design podcast episode?

I'm always interested in learning what others want to know about human design. What burning questions do you have? What human design concepts would you like to hear more about? Drop me an email or DM my on social media and let me know what you'd like to hear about in a future human design podcast episode. You can message me on my contact page


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10 human design podcast episodes

10 human design podcast episodes
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