December 20

Ep.34: Why You Need Sufficiency as a Spiritual Entrepreneur


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On this episode of the Answer Your Unique Calling podcast, I'm talking about scarcity and its nemesis, sufficiency and why your sufficiency is your most powerful tool as a spiritual entrepreneur. You can listen to the full episode at the bottom of this blog post.

Episode Summary

If you’re a new spiritual entrepreneur struggling to navigate it all… you might be doing too much.

Spreading yourself too thin, falling short of being an expert at it all, and likely feeling inadequate at your own calling and passion. On today’s podcast I’m talking about how you can tap into your sufficiency around doing, being, and having ‘enough’ as a spiritual entrepeneur and reclaim confidence in your expertise. 

Today we're talking about:

  • Sufficiency as a solution to scarcity
  • Finding the frequency of consistency
  • Doing, being and having ‘enough’ as a spiritual entrepreneur
  • Understanding and fulfilling your ‘why’ in business

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What is "sufficiency"?

Whenever I'm looking at a word or concept for understanding, I like to start with a definition. Here's what the dictionary definition of sufficiency is:

  1. the condition or quality of being adequate or sufficient.
    • an adequate amount of something, especially of something essential.

An interesting synonym (a word that means the same or similar) for adequate is "enough". That means that sufficiency is really about finding the point of enough. I like to look at this idea of enough through the lens of 4 areas--having, doing, knowing, and being. 

This concept of enough, or sufficiency, is really important for anyone but especially for a spiritual entrepreneur. The reason it is so important is that when you are conscious of your own sufficiency (that is conscious of what is enough for you) you break through scarcity consciousness. I won't go into detail on scarcity consciousness here but I've talked about it on my podcast before and I've written a blog post on it. The main thing is that in spiritual entrepreneurship scarcity often comes up. It's what triggers so much fear and anxiety around things like acquiring clients, managing cash flow, and even deciding when to quit your day job.

Finding "enough" as a spiritual entrepreneur

Let's talk about these aspects of doing, knowing, being, and having enough from the perspective of the spiritual entrepreneur. In my coaching work, I see many issues that could be resolved by connecting to your sufficiency. I'm going to cover a few here.

A big one I see a lot is related to doing enough. I can tell when a spiritual business owner is operating from a scarcity mindset because their actions and marketing activities almost seem frantic. 

Spiritual entrepreneur on a ladder with lots of giant sticky notes listing items to do

It's not uncommon for spiritual entrepreneurs to not know when they are doing enough. The scarcity worries around getting clients often drive them to try to do too much with their marketing in particular. There's also a lot of bad advice out there telling business owners that they need to be on every social media and posting every day to be effective. 

Of course, none of that is true. Once you connect to your own sense of sufficiency, you'll find that you really only need a handful of marketing channels that you use consistently to bring clients. 

For example, you might find that posting consistently on one social media platform, blogging, and maintaining an email list is enough to keep you getting new clients on a regular basis. Some of the most successful spiritual entrepreneurs don't even use social media at all! They've learned to be efficient in their marketing which allows them to do far less of it. Wouldn't you rather do less but have it work better? That's possible when you focus on finding what is enough for you and your spiritual business.

Another area that spiritual entrepreneurs often struggle is in feeling that they know enough. This has even been a difficult one for me. It's not uncommon to see spiritual business owners continuously pursuing yet another certification. This is often because you haven't learned to trust what you know. There's also a tendency in spiritual entrepreneurship to feel that certifications somehow validate you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy practitioner. The truth is 9 out of 10 times a potential client won't even ask about certifications. This is because your potential client is more concerned with whether you can help them with their problem, than how many certifications you have. 

I think spiritual business owners also struggle with the concept of being enough. When you don't feel enough, this can sometimes lead to imposter syndrome or feeling unworthy. When a spiritual entrepreneur has feelings of unworthiness this can create problems around pricing their services, receiving payments, and talking confidently about their offerings. Feeling enough in your spiritual business will help you feel confident around your pricing and that extra confidence will help your clients feel good about paying you. 

Finally, the idea of having enough can really impact your spiritual business. There are a lot of business coaches that sell their "systems" to other spiritual entrepreneurs by using promises of "6 figures" or "high ticket offers". I think it is always a good idea to take a step back and get really clear on what earning enough in your business looks like. There's a tendency among spiritual people to allow the ego to get in the way of what we're trying to manifest or create. The ego tells us we want more and more which can create a lot of pressure in our business. I talked more about the danger of letting your ego run away with you when manifesting your desires in episode 32.

Everything should lead back to your big "why"

One thing I've found that helps me reconnect to my sufficiency is coming back to my "big why". Most people don't dive into spiritual entrepreneurship without having a deeper reason for doing so. Often, we call this your soul mission or spiritual calling. As a spiritual entrepreneur, coming back to your soul mission will help you realize that in the bigger scheme of things, you are enough, doing enough, and know enough. After all, the big why for many spiritual entrepreneurs is to help other people. And anything that helps others should be enough.

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