December 27

Ep 35: Master your truth, master your business


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If you want to truly master your business, there are two powerful tools that will help you immeasurably--truth and trust. To utilize truth, you need to know your own truth and how to know truth. Once you've done that, learning to trust that truth and to trust yourself, will lead you to mastery. Let's explore these ideas of truth and trust some more.

Why you need to know how to know truth 

Knowing how to know the truth when you hear it is going to be crucial in your spiritual business. Once you hang your shingle in business, you will get a flood of helpful advice from business "coaches" and consultants, telling you that you're doing it wrong. Out on the Internet, you'll find marketing and selling advice that may feel overwhelming or impossible. Knowing how to know truth will help you discard the things that don't serve you. But when we don't know to recognize what's true, we fall for bad advice. 

Let me give you an example. The other day I received an unsolicited email that said I was doing my website wrong. The sender helpfully pointed out that SEO would help me reach the top of Google. But I know how to know truth and this email didn't pass muster. It was very salesy. It started out on a negative note criticizing what I'm doing. So I hit delete feeling comfortable in the strategy I have. 

It's not just enough though to know how to know truth. If you really want to master your business, you'll need to know how to know your truth. The thing about your truth is that it will be aligned with your spiritual and personal values. Knowing your truth as you approach marketing your spiritual business will help you avoid manipulative and shady marketing techniques. Consider tapping into your truth your permission slip to market your spiritual business your way. 

Ask this magic question - What is my truth today?

The best way to learn your truth is to ask yourself everyday one magic question: "What is my truth today?" See, truth isn't absolute. Truth shifts and moves as we grow as spiritual beings. Your truth yesterday may have been that manipulative marketing techniques help you sell your spiritual services. And that's ok. But you might have grown, and your truth today is that you don't want to do things that way anymore.

The great thing about this question, "What is my truth today?" is that you can zero in on any area of your spiritual business. Maybe you had a business coach reach out to you to convince you to buy their program and system. You could take some time to journal around the question "What is my truth today about marketing my spiritual business?" When I've done this in my own business, the results were often surprising. 

Trust yourself. Trust your truth.

Ultimately, it's not enough to just know what your truth is or to know how to know truth. You have to trust in that truth too. Trusting your truth at its core is really trusting yourself. This sounds easy but it's one area that many spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with.

For example, you may be really attuned to your truth about marketing. Then you have a slow month and a "business coach" DMs you out of the blue with a system that will get you a $10k month in 30 days. This is where the rubber really meets the road. Do you trust yourself? Do you trust your truth around marketing your spiritual business? These are the times in which how much you trust yourself will truly be tested. 

If you're struggling at trusting yourself, how to learn to trust yourself more? One method I like is something I call "collecting evidence". Collecting evidence just means that in your journal or somewhere that you can review regularly, you write down everything that is going well in your business. Every time you did something new and it worked out. Write it down. This way, when you're feeling low on trust for yourself, you can look back at the times that you did trust yourself and it worked out. 

What happens when you don't trust yourself.

If you want to master your business, learning to trust yourself is going to be key. When you don't trust yourself, you second guess every decision in your spiritual business. This can manifest in lots of ways. You may lack confidence when you talk about your pricing because you don't trust that you set fair prices. You may buy lots of programs and systems that only serve the business coach selling them. You show up diminished in every area of your business and you'll struggle to make sound decisions.

Master your business.

Think of tapping into your truth as your permission slip to do things your way in your spiritual business. Of course, that will change with time as your truth adapts to your growth. But allowing the changes in our own truth to be expressed in our business, keeps our business dynamic and truly an extension of our own spiritual being.

Once you understand that your truth will guide you in the right direction, you just need to learn to trust it and trust yourself. Collecting evidence of all the times you trusted yourself and it worked out will make this easier as you go along. Keep working on tapping into your truth and trusting yourself and not only will you master your business, but you'll also enjoy it much more. 

Episode Summary

Understanding and following your own truth, especially in the face of external pressures should be your NUMBER ONE priority as a Spiritual Entrepeneur.

Turning to external sources for guidance rather than trusting their own inner wisdom can easily lead to tactics that go against your spiritual values and can be manipulative or unethical. 

In today's episode, we will be discussing the challenges of dealing with external advice and how to stay true to your own path in marketing your spiritual business. 

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