January 17

Ep. 37: Lessons from misguided marketing


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Recently, I had an interesting reply to a comment I made on social media. I'm a manifesting generator which means I operate best when I'm responding to things around me. I was just getting ready to record this week's episode and decided to respond to the comment in question for the benefit of my listeners.

Here's how it started. Another coach asked, "What do you do when you need to be on social media to market your business but don't feel like doing it?".

Here's the reply that I'm referencing for the rest of this post. I responded that if you don't feel like doing social media, don't do it. No business needs to do social media. Then, a commenter replied, "A lot of things won't sell without us behind them, pushing, doing legwork." (Oh, and yes. The snarky laughing emoji is me.)

Facebook comment about needing to push daily for sales

I see that comment as problematic for a lot of reasons, but what I'm going to focus on is the ways in which this person's marketing is broken. It's my hope that by learning from this misguided person's marketing missteps, you can more successfully market your spiritual business. 

What I see in this comment immediately is fear. This person is fearful that they won't be able to sell their product or service if they are not constantly pushing. For me, fear sometimes is a sign that something is out of whack. Let's look at what that fear could be trying to tell this person about their marketing. If you listen to your fear it might be telling you that something needs a little tweak. Let's look at what might be going on in this person's marketing. 

You don't have a clear ideal client

The first thing that comes to mind when I see this kind of fear is that maybe this person isn't clear on who their ideal client is. This kind of constant pushing often happens when you're trying to market to everyone. I see a lot of new spiritual entrepreneurs make this same mistake of wanting to help everyone. 

The problem is that when you don't niche down to an ideal client, you're wasting time trying to message people that may never buy from you. When you get clear on your ideal client, you also gain clarity on things like where your ideal client hangs out online. You might find you're on the wrong social media for your ideal client.

You can also see this problem in the "throw the spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks" approach this commenter is taking. The "maybe you could run an ad" makes it clear that they don't really know who they're trying to sell to.

If you haven't got clear on your ideal client, pause your marketing and work on that first. It's not as hard as it might seem. Often, your ideal client is simply an earlier version of yourself. Think about who you were and what problems you experienced before discovering your product or service. That is probably your ideal client.

Your product/service doesn't fit your ideal client's needs

Another reason you might be fearful around sales is if your product or service doesn't actually address your ideal clients needs or problems. People purchase solutions. If your product or service isn't solving a problem for them or meeting an unmet need, you'll have to push to sell it. Make sure you understand your ideal clients needs and problems and then sell a product that meets them. Otherwise, you may find yourself constantly pushing for sales like this commenter. 

Your product/service doesn't provide value

Ouch! That's a hard thing to admit but it's critical to selling and marketing with ease. People don't buy things that they feel don't deliver some value to them. Make sure that your product or service not only delivers value but that you can clearly identify and communicate the value. 

Your messaging is broken

One other area that can trigger struggle and fear in your sales process is broken messaging. What I mean by this is that how you're talking about your product or service isn't landing. Maybe you're focusing on the wrong problem. You should constantly revisit your messaging and see if it needs a tweak. Fine tuning your message is often a bit of a trial-and-error process. Try talking about your product or service in different ways and see which ones bring the best results.

If you're feeling that you have to push and be selling and marketing very day without fail, you've fallen into fear around sales. That fear is trying to send you a message that you need to look at your product or service and how well it fits the people you are selling or marketing it at. Listen to the full episode for even more tips and some additional things that fear might be telling you about your marketing. 

Episode Summary

If you’re marketing right you don’t have to convince & push people to work with you… forcing your business will leave you frustrated, confused, and disappointed. Make your life easier by marketing smarter, not harder with the guidance & tips that Julian shares in this episode of Answer Your Unique Calling. He’s taking you through what NOT to do and reminding you to question the ‘truths’ that people share on social media by turning inward and asking important questions of your own business, goals, needs, and direction.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Why you should start questioning what & who you see on social media
  • When fear comes up - what is it trying to tell you?
  • Niche down &  make your workload easier
  • Are you trying to force working relationships with the wrong people?
  • Focus on your value - sell more

Did this episode inspire you? I’d love to hear your thoughts ❤️ drop me a review on your favorite listening platform.

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