January 31

Ep. 39: Sarah Monroe on the art of starting, failing, and persisting


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Last week, I sat down to an hour-long conversation with spiritual entrepreneur, rewilding guide, and spoken word artist, Sarah Monroe. This week's episode includes the first half of our conversation which covered some excellent points on the challenges of being a spiritual entrepreneur and the importance of pursuing your passion regardless of how ready you feel. The second half will come out as episode 40 next week, so be sure not to miss it!

There is so much gold in this interview for anyone who is feeling called to a greater purpose and wants to step into the waters of spiritual entrepreneurship. It's hard to summarize the best points or to craft one cohesive core learning from this interview. Below, I've called out just a handful of points Sarah touched on. Listen to the full episode to catch the rest including the #1 thing you should consider when planning a retreat. 

Feeling passion for your purpose

When talking about how Sarah began her spiritual business(es), she talked about feeling so much passion for a deeper spiritual purpose that she didn't feel like she could do anything else. When her journey began, she was, like a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs, working at a mundane job. As she got more and more in touch with her purpose and could feel the passion for this work in her body, she talked about how she became less and less engaged in her job until she finally chose to leave it. That really spoke to me because I've been talking a lot lately about tapping into the wisdom of the body and how we experience our human design in our bodies. Sarah really reinforced this point as she came back frequently to the topic of listening to your body and feeling whether something is right or not in your body.

On having a lot of extra time

Sarah and talked a little bit about the unique challenges of starting a spiritual business just prior to the global Covid pandemic. Sarah mentioned that she had previously been a certificate chaser, something that I see often with spiritual entrepreneurs. She had purchased a lot of training and programs but hadn't made a lot of progress on them. Then came the Covid shutdowns and suddenly, the whole world had a lot of time on their hands. She mentions the irony of how so many of us complain that there is never enough time and then when faced with nothing but time, we don't know how to use it. Sarah used it to complete the trainings and certifications that she had purchased including learning to craft frame drums.

Collaborating and finding partnerships

Crafting drums gave her an opportunity to work with Sam Spychalla and they two of them decided that they needed a physical space to do their work together. This led to the birth of the Temple of the Rebel Goddess in Dayton, Ohio. Sarah spoke of the importance of finding collaborators and partnerships that supplement your weaknesses and allow you to lean into your strengths. She has found this in her business partnership with Sam. 

We also talked about putting on retreats and Sarah had some very sound advice on how to make your retreats successful. Listen to the full episode for the rest and make sure to listen next week as I continue the conversation with Sarah Monroe. 

Episode Summary

“We can talk about it, we can dream about it, we can wish about it…but you have to throw caution to the wind. You're never going to be ready.”

My guest today is Sarah Monroe, a rewilding guide, drum witch, spoken word artist, and priestess of the sacred. As founder of the Art of Wild Pleasure and co-creator of Temple of the Rebel Goddess Sarah brings us her juicy personal experience, empowering outlook, and authentic insight into the inner workings of a successful spiritual business. Together we explore the leap into soulpreneurship, the struggles, and fulfillment that can be found here, and share valuable advice for those starting their journey into hosting retreats, workshops, and spiritually owned businesses.

Key Talking Points:

  • Ways to avoid hustle culture
  • The importance of fulfilling partnerships for soulpreneurship
  • Pairing structure with intuition and body wisdom as part of your business structure
  • Taking risks and throwing caution to the wind
  • The no.1 thing you need to know before hosting your own retreats 
  • Forget overnight success, it’s a mindset that doesn’t serve you

Where To Find Sarah:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sassysarahmonroe/

The Art of Wild Pleasure Website: https://www.theartofwildpleasure.com/

The Art of Wild Pleasure Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100064894263992

Temple of the Rebel Goddess Website: https://templeoftherebelgoddess.com/

Temple of the Rebel Goddess Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/temple_of_the_rebel_goddess

Listen to the full episode



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