February 14

Ep. 41: Mastering the Plateau: Navigating Frustration in Business Growth


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Frustration is a very real experience for most spiritual entrepreneurs. What you might not realize is that the frustration that you're feeling might be telling you something important. Here's a couple things that frustration might be trying to tell you.

Frustration as Momentum

Around 70% of the population are generators or manifesting generators according to human design. Generator types are designed to respond to life happening around them through listening to their sacral response. They are also designed to achieve mastery over their work through time.

For a generator, this mastery often comes in a stairstep shape. They'll make a breakthrough that takes them to the next level and then hit a plateau. While on the plateau, they frequently experience frustration that grows as they get closer to the next big breakthrough. This means that for generators, frustration is a sign of momentum.

The problem with this is that often, a generator will give up out of frustration just before making the next breakthrough. They're like the gold prospector who dug and dug and dug and then gave up. The person to buy their claim digs and finds gold a couple inches deeper. That prospector gave up right before the big break just like many people do today.

When You Haven't Followed Your Strategy

For generators, frustration can also be a sign that they haven't followed their strategy. The generator's strategy is to "wait to respond". When a generator doesn't wait to respond and instead tries to initiate action, it can cause frustration. A good exercise is to ask yourself if your frustrated because you didn't follow your strategy. If not, then the frustration is likely a sign of growing momentum.

Check Your Expectations

If your human design isn't of a generator or manifesting generator, frustration may be trying to tell you something else. This can also apply to generators, of course, if the above reasons don't apply. The expectations we set on ourselves or situations can create frustration. 

For example, let's say you're new to video editing and you decide to make a video for YouTube. Your expectations around what that video will look like may be higher than your new skills will allow. This can lead to frustration. This is really at the heart of perfectionism. Perfectionism is when we chronically set unrealistic expectations and then experience frustration when things (or ourselves) doesn't meet those expectations.

We all experience frustration in our businesses from time to time. It can be important to stop on reflect when feeling frustration because that frustration may be trying to send us a message. Listening to what frustration is trying to tell us can be important to our long-term business success.

Episode Summary

Frustration is a very real daily struggle for 70% of the population. More specifically, generators and manifesting generators will feel stuck in neutral while plugging away, working their hardest to find success in their spiritual business. Today I want to remind you why you shouldn’t give up before the big break - don’t give in to your frustration because more often than not it’s actually a sign of momentum.

Key Talking Points:

  • What your Human Design can tell you about Frustration as a spiritual entrepreneur.
  • Feeling frustration when initiating change.
  • Generators & their stair-step progression in work.
  • Frustration in the plateau is a sign of growth.
  • The difference between anger and frustration & why you need to know it.

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