February 23

Ep. 42: Mindset, Marketing & Building Authentic Relationships


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People often ask me how to market their spiritual businesses. Most of the time, they're looking for me to tell them which social media platform to use, how many reels to post in a week, or how to edit a YouTube video. That's not really my approach as a spiritual business coach. One of the things I've realized in my own business and that I teach my clients is that the platforms and how doesn't matter is much as the mindset you have and the relationships that you build.

The first thing to consider is how much do you enjoy the platforms or tools you're using. Consistency with your marketing is important and that's going to be harder if you hate making posts. Find the things that light you up and use them for your marketing. If you don't enjoy doing something, don't do it. There are so many ways to build an audience today that you shouldn't have any problems finding one or two that you really enjoy doing.

Having said that, I do believe that every business should have at least one marketing method in which they own access to their audience. What I mean by that is that on social media, you don't have any control over who sees your content. That is all driven by the algorithm. And if your account gets shut down, you have no access to your audience. 

This is why I believe every business should build an email list. This gives you control over which people in your audience receive your message. You can control your access to your audience which makes email a powerful tool to use. 

Why does this matter? It's because at the heart of things, marketing a spiritual business is about building relationships. We want to show up authentically and develop connections with our audience and potential clients. Because people buy based on how you make them feel and whether or not they believe you can solve their problem. By building authentic relationships with our audience, we create that trust.

Episode Summary

I’m no marketing manager but mindset work is where I thrive. Have you ever stopped to consider the motivations behind your marketing efforts?

Are you showing up as your most authentic and bold self, or are you acting from imposter syndrome and fear to get your all-important message out there in the world? Join me on this episode of Answer Your Unique Calling to explore how to market your spiritual business, build lasting relationships, make connections, and focus on authenticity and integrity. If you want to learn more about the mindset required for successful spiritual business marketing and how to build meaningful relationships with your clients, this episode is a must-listen.

Key Talking Points:

  • The importance of authentic relationships for soulpreneurs
  • Why you should prioritize self-owned platforms
  • Choosing platforms that light you up

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