February 28

Ep. 43: Finding Balance and Structure in Spiritual Business with Sam Spychalla


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Sam Spychalla is a breath worker, teacher, and the co-creatrix of the Temple of the Rebel Goddess, a spirituality center in Dayton, Ohio. Sam joined me on the Answer Your Unique Calling podcast to talk about answering your calling and running a spiritual business. Here are a few of the highlights from our chat. Listen to the full episode below because honestly, Sam had so much wisdom to share that no summary can possibly capture it all.

The Nature of Spiritual Calling

When I asked Sam about her spiritual calling and what having a calling means to her, she had a really wonderful answer. She spoke of having latent gifts and using those latent gifts to create good in the world. When people think about spiritual calling, they often think of it as some big impossible thing that they need to figure out and then complete. Sam's definition is so much easier than all of that. Just discover your gifts and use them in a way that brings more good into the world. Amazing!

The Importance of the Breath

Sam is absolutely passionate about breathwork. In this episode we talked about the breath a lot. Sam started her journey by becoming a yoga teacher and discovered that she didn't really enjoy leading others in Asana. She discovered instead that she really enjoyed watching others breathe and the pure presence that comes from placing your attention on the breath. This led her to really focus on breathwork and with it, an exploration of the more subtle aspects of Yoga. 

Finding Devotion in Everyday Tasks

Sam views the Divine as her beloved. She speaks about devotion to the Divine and how you can show your devotion in simple ways like singing songs to the Divine while doing everyday tasks. I loved this idea of singing spiritual songs and treating everyday work as a dance with the Divine. What a wonderful way to make boring administrative tasks in your business feel more fulfilling.

Being Perfect with Room to Grow

Sam helps facilitate Kirtan every Thursday night at the temple. Kirtan is a practice in which a group plays percussion instruments and sings to the Divine. She talked about not seeing herself as a singer but that in the presence of the Divine the self-consciousness falls away. In particular, she mentioned being perfect in every way but with room to grow. That phrase particularly stuck with me. 

Episode Summary

Join Julian on the Answer Your Unique Calling Podcast as he hosts Sam Spychalla, a breath worker, teacher circle leader, artist, and co-creator of the Temple of the Rebel Goddess. Sam shares her refreshing outlook and journey from yoga teacher training to co-creating a community spiritual center and discusses the role of devotion and personal connection in spiritual practice through the power of Bhakti Yoga and Kirton, a dynamic form of devotional singing. Sam emphasizes the importance of recognizing and accepting your strengths and weaknesses to achieve balance and structure in a spiritual business and how connecting to Source through the breath can help recognize the ego in action and achieve a balance between heart-centered values and getting things done right. Sam is an artist at balancing spirituality and business - listen now to today her best advice!

Key Talking Points:

  • The misconception that yoga is just physical poses (asana) in Western culture and the broader approach of yoga beyond asana.
  • The five koshas or layers of being in yoga
  • The importance of devotion and personal connection to the divine in spiritual practice.
  • Finding balance and maintaining structure
  • Connecting to Source through breath

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Connect with Sam Spychalla:

Website: https://templeoftherebelgoddess.com/

Temple of the Rebel Goddess Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/temple_of_the_rebel_goddess/

Temple of the Rebel Goddess Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/templeoftherebelgoddess

Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eternal_self_temporarily_sam/

Listen to the Full Episode


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