March 14

Ep. 44: Beyond expectations- Rethinking your spiritual calling with human design


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Understanding your purpose or the reason that you're here in this life is something everyone wants. But it's easy to turn it into something big and stressful. It doesn't have to be that way. That's because everyone's soul mission or spiritual calling boils down to one simple task--make the world a better place. It's that easy and you do that simply by being you. 

Purpose and the Human Design G Center

Your human design will strongly impact how you experience your sense of your life purpose. The G Center in Human Design is the center where we experience our identity and our direction or purpose in life. Those who have a defined G Center have a consistent experience of both their identity and their purpose. They're not very likely to adapt who they are based on the folks around them. Their calling or purpose in life tends to be pretty steady as well. It will over course change or morph as they grow but the central theme of their purpose is often the same throughout life. I have a defined G Center and I've been connected to teaching as part of my life purpose since my undergraduate studies. 

For the undefined G Center, things are so cut and dried. These people don't have a consistent experience of their identity or purpose. It fluctuates. While they may find that frustrating, it can actually be a blessing. They can play with their identity freely in order to discover who they are. And while they never experience certainty around their purpose, they have a sense of direction that shifts and moves. This gives them much more latitude to experience their purpose as it is meant to be. They experience it as a series of small events, actions, and invitations from Goddess to do something that makes the world better. What an incredible gift.

Letting Go of Expectations

Whether your G Center is defined or not, your calling boils down to how you make the world better. When you can let go of expectations that your calling has to be a certain way, like some big critical mission, you can experience it more as a flow of day-by-day actions. Our purpose comes to us in small ways as invitations to do good in the moment. When we're aware of these invitations and being our authentic selves, we can accept them and bring more good into the world. But if we focus too much on the idea that our purpose has to be a certain way, we may miss those invitations and fail in the biggest purpose we have. 

Episode Summary

Why are you here and what is your purpose? To ponder the meaning of our existence is a wonderful gift, however, such questions can quickly turn to torment when we set ourselves rigid expectations for ‘solving the great mystery’ of our purpose in life. In today's episode, I’m delving into the idea that rather than having an overarching purpose, our soul mission may be found in the daily intention and invitation to make the world a better place. 

Listen to this week's episode to take the pressure off ‘solving’ your spiritual calling and take comfort in the open possibilities of your life path.

Key Talking Points:

  • The problem with seeing our calling as one overarching goal
  • What Human Design and the magnetic monopole have taught me about finding purpose and direction
  • The challenges of having an open or undefined G center in relation to identity and purpose
  • Viewing your spiritual calling as a theme or intention without expectation
  • How expectation can lead to disappointment and limit your field of possibilities

Creating the life that you desire to live mind, body, and spirit doesn't have to be difficult. 

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