August 29

Ep. 45: Maria Leggett on Following Spirit’s Lead


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Maria Leggett, medium, teacher & spiritualist minister

Medium, teacher & spiritualist minister Maria Leggett

It's been several months since the last episode of Answer Your Unique Calling. As I mentioned in this episode, I took some time to realign my business goals and messaging with my own spiritual growth and soul mission. I had realized I was censoring parts of myself and I certainly never want to do that again. As result, you'll likely see a lot more of all of who I am in future episodes and in my social media. 

I was joined for this episode by my good friend, medium, teacher, and spiritualist minister, Maria Leggett. Maria operates her business Maria Leggett Medium and is the creatrix of the Temple of the Sacred Circle.

The Challenges & Lessons of Being a Solopreneur

We began our conversation talking about some of the challenges of being a solopreneur. Maria mentioned how big of a shift it was to go from having a steady paycheck to dealing with the fluctuations in business and income. She mentioned some lessons that she learned and how Spirit used different business challenges to teach her.

Becoming a Medium

Maria shared an amusing story about how she discovered her ability as a medium. She talks very frankly about how it disturbed her and how strongly she resisted owning it. Spirit was calling her to do this work but she resisted for quite some time. The thing that finally led her to train as a medium to do this work was that she kept seeing and hearing spirits. She wanted to learn how to control it and that set her upon her current path. 

The Power of Modern Oracles

We also talked about her experiences with my program for modern oracles. Maria talked about the incredible energy of the oracle rituals in which the oracle allows Spirit to speak through them to answer questions and share wisdom with the attendees. Maria described the ritual and it's energy. She also shares some of the answers she has received and her experiences learning to be an oracle herself. She encourages anyone in the Dayton, Ohio area to come see one of the rituals for themselves. 

The Importance of Forgiveness

She also talks about her encounters with the ascended master, Jesus and the things she has learned from working with him. Her parting message for the episode is one of love and the importance of forgiveness, something she sees as the central message Jesus. 

Episode Summary

About The Guest:

Maria Leggett, also known as Shelley, is a spiritualist minister, medium teacher, and spiritual guide. She is the host of the WTF Spirit Podcast and has her own radio show on A1R Psychic Radio. Maria is dedicated to helping others connect with their spirituality and find healing through her work as a medium.


In this episode of The Answer Your Unique Calling Podcast, host Julian Crosson-Hill interviews Maria Leggett, a spiritualist minister and medium teacher. Maria shares her journey of discovering her mediumship abilities and the challenges she faced along the way. She also discusses the importance of authenticity in business and the power of forgiveness in personal growth. Maria's work as an oracle and her role in starting an online temple are also highlighted.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rediscovering your authentic self and embracing all aspects of your spirituality is essential for personal and business growth.
  • Owning a spiritual business requires learning new skills and adapting to the challenges of being a solopreneur.
  • Trusting in the abundance of the universe and letting go of a lack mindset can lead to unexpected opportunities and financial stability.
  • Forgiveness is a powerful tool for healing and personal growth, allowing us to release resentment and embrace unconditional love.
  • The Oracle rituals with Maria and her fellow students provide a transformative and healing experience for participants.


  • "I fully trust that Spirit is going to bring me everything that I need when I need it." - Maria Leggett
  • "Forgive people and accept them for where they are rather than judging them." - Maria Leggett

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