October 31

Ep. 48: Minerva Maharajh on creating an expansive life & business


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Certified spiritual life coach Minerva Maharajh

I've known Minerva Maharajh for some time. She was my instructor when I took my first certification course in coaching. Her approach to business was so unique that I hired her as my very first business coach. Now, I help train new coaches through Minerva's school, Starseed Academy Coach Training.

Naturally, when she agreed to come on the podcast and share her thoughts on being a successful heart-centered entrepreneur, I was thrilled. Here are some of the highlights from our conversation but you really need to listen to the full interview to get the full dose of Minerva's insights. 

Embracing Authenticity and Following Intuition

In a world that often values conformity and external validation, it can be challenging to stay true to oneself and follow the path that aligns with our deepest desires. However, Minerva Maharajh believes that true fulfillment and success can only be achieved by embracing authenticity and following our intuition. She emphasizes the importance of being in tune with our inner being and allowing it to guide us towards our unique calling.

Show Notes

About The Guest(s):
Minerva Maharajh is a certified Spiritual life coach, ICF-accredited PCC coach, energy and wealth expander, and the founder and director of Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching and Starseed Academy Coach Training. She is passionate about helping powerful women build wealth, rest, and freedom into their businesses and lives by doing less and being more.

Minerva Maharajh shares her journey of creating a life and business of rest, freedom, and abundance. She emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself and following one's intuition to create a life aligned with one's desires. Minerva also discusses the power of human design and how understanding one's energetic blueprint can lead to more ease and success in business. She highlights the need to honor both the head and the intuition and offers practical tips for discerning between the two. Minerva also introduces her high-level mastermind program, Portal to Overflow, which supports individuals in creating a life of abundance and fulfillment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace your unique vision and desires, and allow them to guide your actions and decisions.
  • Honor both the head and the intuition, and find a balance between logic and intuition.
  • Clear the resistance and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from creating your desired life.
  • Trust your gut instincts and listen to your intuition, as it often holds the answers you seek.
  • Focus on creating from a place of ease and alignment rather than forcing and pushing.


  • "Your desires are there for a reason. If it's in you, it's meant for you." - Minerva Maharajh.
  • "When we're in the most pain and discomfort and suffering, it's when we're resisting who we are." - Minerva Maharajh.
  • "You're either creating or you're waiting or in victim mode." - Minerva Maharajh.

Goddess of Wisdom Spiritual Life Coaching
Starseed Academy Coach Training
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