Hello, I'm Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC

I'm a certified spiritual life coach & human design specialist. I help people break through limitation to live a life of limitless possibility, freedom & impact that answers their spiritual calling.

How My Journey Began

My journey to claiming my spiritual calling and breaking through limitations technically began at birth. In the interest of keeping this short though, let's start at high school graduation. I'd always been drawn to teaching and helping others.

When I went to college at the University of New Mexico, I declared a double major in Fine Arts and Art Education. My parents' divorce during my senior year made it financially difficult to continue so I didn't complete my studies. I did manage to spend a year teaching art in a private school.

I began to feel very limited by my meager finances which led me to starting a career in software engineering. I'd grown up around technology and at the time, web design provided the perfect marriage of technology and art. I'd go on and spend the next 25 years in the software engineering field eventually as a director of engineering for a large ecommerce company and the CTO of a small software startup. 

Even though I made a good living and solved a lot of challenging problems, something was missing from my work. Every chance I had outside of work, I attended spirituality retreats, conferences and festivals, often as a workshop presenter. 

In 2018, I started on a yearlong journey to become a yoga instructor. While teaching yoga created more opportunities to teach workshops on spirituality, it still didn't feel like I'd landed in the right place yet. I also still felt limited by time, money, and even what I thought was possible for my life.

How an Offhand Remark Opened My Next Chapter

One day I helped a friend figure out something that was giving them a difficult time.  They remarked that I should be their coach. I'd never thought about coaching and didn't know much about it at the time. Within 3 months of that remark, I'd enrolled in a coaching certification program.

This would lead me to becoming a certified spiritual life coach, starting my business, and leaving my role as a director of engineering.  I had found my spiritual calling and for once in a very long time, I didn't feel so limited anymore. I could see a lot of new possibilities and I was excited to explore them.

Are You Ready to Leave Limitations Behind?

As a spiritual life coach, I help spiritually minded professionals break through their personal limitations to step into a life of possibility, freedom and impact. Along the way, many of my clients have laid claim to their spiritual calling.

In my work, I mix various modalities to assist my clients.  As a human design specialist, I mix human design into all of my work. I've found human design's appreciation for what makes us different to be a refreshing viewpoint. 

I also use yoga and movement, positive psychology, meditation, and storytelling. Whether you're seeking your spiritual calling, feeling stuck in your career, starting a spiritual business, or just bogged down by limitations, I can help you find the next step forward.

Some of my credentials

Here are a few of the certifications that I have received.

Internation Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach

Associate Certified Coach

I am a Certified Associate Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

Certified Spiritual Coach from Life Purpose Institute

Certified Spiritual Coach

I studied coaching at the Life Purpose Institute where I was certified as a spiritual coach.

Certified Life Coach from Life Purpose Institute

Certified Life Coach

During my studies at the Life Purpose Institute I also received a certification as a life coach.

In addition to these, I'm also:

  • A RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance
  • Certified in Quantum Human Design 
  • Ordained by Open Ministry and licensed in the State of Ohio to officiate marriages

About Priest of Inanna, LLC

I often get asked about my business name. In 2019, I started teaching yoga professionally and giving paid workshops. I needed to set up a limited liability company so Priest of Inanna, LLC was created. The company is named after the Sumerian goddess, Inanna. Known as a goddess of Love and War, she is best known for the story of her descent to and return from the underworld. 

Having discovered nature and goddess spirituality in my late teens (primarily Wicca), the goddess Inanna has always held a special place in my heart. It seemed fitting as I set my feet upon this journey of spiritual service to call my company Priest of Inanna. I truly have been in many ways. 

Through Priest of Inanna, I tailor my work to serve diverse communities that I am, myself, a part of. I do this by creating additional sites and brands that tailor their content to a select audience.

Priest of Inanna logo

Priest of Inanna (this website) is my primary web site.  This is home to my spiritual life coaching for breaking through limitations, spiritual business coaching and human design offerings. 


Queer Spirituality: Spiritual life coaching for gay and bi men

Queer Spirituality is where I produce content primarily for an LGBTQ+ audience. Through Queer Spirituality, I provide gay and bisexual men's life coaching, coaching for coming out, and programs to help gay and bi men create deeper community connections.

Need a speaker or workshop presenter?

I've available to speak at your event or small group meeting. I can speak on topics related to spirituality, self-development, and leadership.

I'm also available to teach workshops at your events or your venue. I'm a RYT-200 yoga instructor and I teach on topics related to spirituality and self-development. Ask me about past workshops that I've given. I can provide references from organizations where I have taught.

For booking inquiries, you can use the contact form below.

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