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Human design is a topic I return to often. I'm constantly discovering new things about human design or how to think about human design. Here at the human design blog posts that I've created.

Answer your unique calling podcast banner

10 human design podcast episodes

I've been podcasting for a little over a year. If you've listened

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Woman realizing there's a problem with human design as it's been presented to her

The problem with human design is in the approach

You’ve read a lot about human design and you’re skeptical. Or maybe

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Conversations with healers interview with Julian Crosson-Hill: Answering your calling with human design

Answering your Calling with Human Design

What if you could understand how you as a human were designed,

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Human design inner authority helps us align decisions with the correct timing

What is human design inner authority?

In human design we often talk about the concept of authority. Authority

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Strategy is one element of a human design reading

The best human design reading for you

Getting a human design reading can be a transformational experience. Your human

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