Spiritual Life Coaching

The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

What is life coaching?

The definition above from the ICF  a great job of describing life coaching. In life coaching, the coach and client partner to set goals that are realistic and achievable. They then work together to uncover the inner resources that the client was unaware of in order to move towards those goals.

In coaching, the client determines what will be discussed in each session and what they want to work on. Coaching is not having someone tell you what you need to do or teaching you how to do something.

Coaching is not therapy. In coaching, both the coach and the client are focused in the present moment and the future. The emphasis is always on what does the client need in the present moment to move forward towards their future goal.

What is spiritual coaching?

Spiritual coaching is simply life coaching that leans heavily into the spirituality of the client. A spiritual coach will use spiritual tools during a coaching session to assist the client.

My process

I am certified as a spiritual and life coach through Life Purpose Institute. I am also a member of the ICF which means that my process follows the core competencies and adheres to the ethical standards of the ICF.

As a spiritual life coach, I use various spiritual tools in our work together such as:

  • guided visualization/meditation
  • tarot and oracle cards
  • storytelling
  • ritual
  • art 
  • movement
  • human design

and many more. 

Private coaching offerings

Private coaching describes coaching that is done within a private, 1:1 container between the coach and client. I have 2 private coaching programs to assist clients in answering their unique calling and building successful spirituality based businesses.

Not sure if either program is a fit for you? Book a clarity call and we can talk about where you are currently and where you’d like to be.

Answer your unique calling

Answer your unique calling is my signature coaching program for those who feel a deep calling to service from God/dess but are struggling to figure out how. They may be facing fears and blocks or need help to develop leadership skills. Wherever you are in stepping up to heed the call, this program can support you.

hands holding crystals

Soulpreneur energetic success

My soulpreneur energetic success program is design to help those running spirituality-centered businesses. This program helps you deal with the overwhelm of having too much on your plate, the drive to work too long and to much, the blocks and fears around money, and much more. In this program, we also explore human design and how you can leverage your unique design in your business.