Answer your unique calling

A coaching program for those called by Spirit and discontent with sitting on the sidelines

What does it mean to answer your calling?

Everyone has heard of having a life purpose, the thing that gives life meaning and utilizes your strengths and gifts. For some, living their life purpose isn’t enough. God/dess calls them to get involved at a deeper level, to step up in service to God/dess and other people. This is your unique calling–that place where your life purpose connects with a personal service to God/dess. You might have noticed:

  • No longer enjoying or being satisfied with your current career
  • A deep desire to connect with God/dess in new and more meaningful ways
  • Being thrust into leadership roles in community and business
  • Optimism about the world and a non-rational knowing that big changes are coming
  • Dissatisfaction with the status quo and a thirst for change and evolution

You might need a little help with:

  • Getting clear on how you will incorporate your calling into your life
  • Developing a closer connection with God/dess
  • Learning to tune into your intuition for guidance
  • Developing new leadership skills such as
    • Facing difficult conversations
    • Managing stress
    • Resolving conflict
    • Managing expectations
  • Boldly being your best and most authentic self
  • Unapologetically sharing your gifts and work with the world


I’m Julian Crosson-Hill, a certified spiritual life coach and human design specialist. I’ve created this program to help you answer your unique calling because I took that journey myself and understand the difficulties you might be facing.

I started my own journey as a fine arts and education major at the University of New Mexico. After college, I my path forked and I heading down the road towards a 25 year career in software engineering. I’m a former tech leader and entrepreneur.

During that whole time, I felt called by Goddess to be doing more but I didn’t believe I could. I attended retreats and conferences and taught classes for free. When I became more aware of my unique calling, I started my business, Priest of Inanna, LLC, originally teaching yoga and spirituality classes before finally getting certified as a spiritual life coach.

Right now, the world needs more enlightened leaders who have answered their call and are showing up to change the world. Will you join us?

Bright Blessings,


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This program is designed to:

  • Explore your strengths, gifts, and destiny experiences to find the best way to answer your calling
  • Break through limiting beliefs that keep you playing small
  • Reconnect with your authentic soul being so you can unapologeticaly do the work you were create to do
  • Connect with your intuition and receive powerful inner guidance
  • Deepen your connection with God/dess
  • Develop transformational leadership skills
  • Overcome the fear of being seen as a leader

What makes my process unique

I utilize core coaching skills, spiritual tools, and guided meditation in coaching sessions. What makes my process especially unique is the way in which I incorporate storytelling, ritual, movement, art, & human design into my coaching.

Julian sitting on a rock out in a creek journaling


Telling a story about your lived experience can surface powerful insights that you may not have noticed before. That’s one of the reasons that storytelling and journaling are key tools that I use with my clients.

Julian warming up for yoga


Human design teaches us that our mind is not the authority, meaning that we can access our intuition and our inner knowing through the body. That’s why we often call it a “gut” feeling. Often spiritual people don’t think about the body. I use movment in my process to help gain greater awareness and connection with the body.

Altar for a fall gratitude ritual


Ritual is the symbolic language of the unconscious and of magic. Performing symbolic representations of various situations can often create a powerful shift in mindset. I use ritual as a way for clients to create ways to control the unknown.


Making art, which includes any creative endeavour, is a powerful tool for transformation. Making art can help anchor a new belief or release stress and anxiety. Humans have been using art as a spiritual tool since our ancestors first painted on cave walls.

Human design

Human design is a system that utilized astrology, kabbalah, the I-ching, and chakras to understand how your form operates energetically and how you interface with the quantum field. Human design can be a powerful tool for self-discovery.

Become the change catalyst the world needs by answering your unique calling.

The Answer Your Unique calling is a tailored private coaching program. It will be customized to meet your current needs and soul goals for our work. I do require a minimum 3 month commitment which includes:

12 private coaching sessions via Zoom

Your first session will be 60-90 minutes. The remaining sessions will be 45-60 minutes in length.

Deep dive session & assessment

Our initial session will be a deep dive where we’ll really dig in to understand your unique challenges and set powerful soul-goals for our work together.

Session recordings

Your sessions will be recorded so that you can review them later.

Row of mailboxes, one with it's red letter flag raised

Unlimited email support

During our work together, you will have unlimited support from me via email. I reply to all messages by the next business day. 

Human design bodygraph by Genetic Matrix

BONUS: Human design reading

As a bonus, you will receive a human life purpose reading ($297 value) to help you understand how to best leverage the unique gifts and strengths in your design.

Payment plans available

Need to spread out the cost? No problem! Payment plans are available and can be tailored to your needs.


Get started by booking a clarity call.