Answer Your Unique Calling podcast with spiritual life coach Julian Crosson-Hill, ACC

Be a guest on the Answer Your Unique Calling Podcast

Hello! You've arrived here either because you were invited by myself or a member of my team to be a guest on my Answer Your Unique Calling podcast or you found your way here because you were interested in being a guest. I've created this page to provide some background on my podcast and what makes a good guest for me. I've also included somethings that will make the interview process easier and some tips if you're hoping to promote your own spiritual business during your interview. Finally, you'll find my questionnaire for podcast guests. Even if you were invited, I ask that you complete the questionnaire. It will provide me with information I need to introduce you and conduct the interview and it will be helpful to my team in promoting the episode.

About Answer Your Unique Calling

The Answer Your Unique Calling podcast began primarily as a podcast focused on people who had answered a spiritual calling. Over the time that I've been recording the podcast, its mission has morphed slightly. You can get an idea of what the podcast is about from the podcast intro:

This is the Answer your unique calling podcast with Julian Crosson-Hill. This is a podcast for change catalysts, those that believe we can change the world and that the way things are isn’t the way they have to be. Through this podcast, I share tools, tips and inspiring stories for breaking through limitations, creating meaningful change, and embracing and trusting in your deepest truth. I’m Julian Crosson-Hill, certified spiritual life coach, human design specialist and founder of Priest of Inanna. I help spiritually minded professionals discover and embrace a life of possibility, freedom, meaning and impact.

You're probably a fit if:

  • You have an inspiring story about how you overcame some limitation to advance your career or build a spiritual business
  • You stepped into a leadership capacity
  • You're a spiritual entrepreneur with an inspiring story or you help others break through limitations
  • You've been instrumental in changing the world for the better

You're definitely not a fit if:

  • You're looking to promote cryptocurrency or a franchise opportunity 
  • You just want to talk about your programs, courses or things that you sell 

Helpful Information/Tips

Your interview will be conducted over Zoom. Please be sure that you have a good Internet connection and a quality microphone. This can be a lavalier mic or a good quality USB podcasting microphone. The primary importance is the audio quality of the call. The video will not be used.

If you run a business relevant to the audience of my podcast, you may wish to offer some type of freebie or lead magnet. If you choose to do so, we’ll mention it prominently in the interview and include the link in the show notes.

I do ask that you share the link to your episode in as many ways as possible such as social media, your email list, your website, etc. I do not require a particular number or frequency of shares. I just appreciate you spreading the word. I will share the episode artwork in various formats for your use. 

If you want your episode to be discovered by more people, I recommend that you rate my podcast on Apple podcasts and/or Spotify. This is not required to be a guest.

If you are still interested in proceeding, please complete the following short questionnaire.

After you've completed the questionnaire, if you were invited or your questionnaire suggests you'd be a great fit, I'll reach out to schedule an interview. Thanks!