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Cookies Policy

Like many modern websites, we use cookies on our site. These cookies associate your browser with a particular session on the site and if you login or otherwise provide personally identifiable information, they may associate your browser session with your identity.

We use these cookies for analytical purposes such as tracking how many visitors have come to our page. We also use them to help us improve our advertising and social media by learning where our visitors came from.

They also enhance the customer experience by allowing you to save preferences and have our site “remember” them. 

Upon request, we will happily delete any personally identifiable information associated with our site’s cookies.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy deals with how we utitlize personally identifiable information and when and with whom that information may be shared.

We collect personal information when you make a purchase and we use that information to provide you with the goods or services that you purchased.

We also collect information when you elect to receive free goods or services or you subscribe to one of our email newsletters.

As a general rule, we only share information necessary to fulfill an order for goods or services. Personal information collected on this site is kept by Priest of Inanna, LLC and not shared outside our organization.

We do share  you information outside or our organization with our partners when you elect to purchase a product or service that is being offered in collaboration with another organization. In those cases, the only information we share is your name, email address and the name of the collaborative product you purchased.

To have your personal information removed from our databases, please email us at